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(17.08.2013, 21:16)DoctorWhooves Wrote: Could you also keep us up to date with the Frenchy tickets?
Don't worry about the frenchy tickets, there are still plenty more (we have a very high limit for them).
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Glad to hear so. Thanks!
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A couple of news from the BronyDays!

There are still vendor places available at the convention! If you are interested by having a table there, you can download our vendor file on our ticket page:

Also, only two Fancy tickets left... If you wish to buy yourself one while you still can, you know where to go:
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Some news from the BronyDays!

We are happy to announce that our tickets are selling very well, and, as a matter of fact, we are now out of Fancy and Flash tickets!

On another note: when you are at the BronyDays, you will be able to donate objects that will be sold at the charity auction, taking place Sunday at the end of the convention. We will give further details soon.
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Well, congrats on selling out the specials!

Charity auction sounds good, makes me wonder if I can bring any cash ...
Good evening everypony,

we are happy to reveal the planning and the activities taking place at the convention! Check this out on our activities page:

And there are not that many tickets left! If you want to ensure you'll have one, you might want to hurry!

Also, we remind you that you can donate objects to our charity auction, by going to the information desk located in the hall, the Saturday of the convention. We need you to support a good cause!

New guest of honour:

When one talks about french touch, one imagines the neatness and quality of a good work.
And who's better than Rarity to show those off ?

We have the honor to announce that the french voice of our fabulous fashion pony, Julie Basecqz, will attend the BronyDays, and will answer your questions during our voice-acting panel!

Legend of Equestria:

As some of you may have noticed, the MMORPG Legends of Equestria will attend the BronyDays 2013, and they are coming to show off the fruit of their work with the most recent version of their game in exclusivity!

In addition, the recording of their panel at the convention will be used in a 24-hour livestream, in which you will have the opportunity to watch the game being made, live! For more details, go to their website:

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Won't the BronyDays be held in 2014 again? D:

I'm waiting for any information or announcements since a whole while now and here in the forum hasn't been anything up since last year.

And if the event will return this year, please give some basic information like date so that I can plan my holidays Twilight happy
The venue was sufficent for last year - I deem the entire con a success, so aiming to go bigger is fair.
Then again you'd need a new venue and who knows how availability and pricerange are? I certainly don't, but can imagine that there's shortage the whole year round, Paris is a city with lots of stuff held, events happening, etc.

Probably the executive staff is on the lookout, but with no place to run the con, everything else is blocked in the tracks.
On the other hand I would not mind the see the second round in 2015! CrystalFair announced the con in 2012 and it's happening now. So why not give BronyDays a two-year planning cycle?

Another way would be going out of Paris. This makes whole new problems arise however. You need someone to visit, check and verify the venue for your needs and having the venue close to your living place helps a lot. And getting to Paris is pretty easy for many, this may change and cause additional traveling costs with another city being the con's home. I'm sure the executives keep this in mind and try reducing travel costs for people (you always get a flight or train to Paris, it's just like that).

In any case I'd show up again.
Thank you for your interest in our convention Bygzder ! ;)

As Stargaze mentioned (you have a sharped mind my friend), we are still searching for a place to run the con properly and I can tell you that the Bronydays will not take place in 2014 for now (unless something magical happens of course). We are aiming for the convention to take place in 2015, during the first semester (April is what we have in mind for now).

We will make announcement very soon about our plans for this year and the next. The fact that the convention is pushed in 2015 doesn't mean that we will be less active on the contrary. We plan some little surprises to keep in touch with the bronies from France and Europe.

Stay tune my friends. Fluttershy grin
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(28.05.2014, 19:36)Hastein Wrote: As Stargaze mentioned (you have a sharped mind my friend)

Thanks. I figured you'd want something offering more options - more space to grow in size (visitors and vendors alike), probably seperate rooms for workshops, bigger hall/stage for panels and all the stuff people like to spend their time with.
The location in 2013 was cozy, you had good decorations (without oversaturating), quite perfect for the "starter's size" convention.

I see lots and lots of potential and thus I assumed you'd now aim for a location you might be able to work with over years - looking for a new place every time (much less every year) would be time consuming and you'd never know if you'd get a contract in time. Delays would mean a total stall for all planning and in the end you'd run out of time or have to make cuts to make it work out.

No, you're doing this right, it's far better to take your time and secure a nice place to work with properly!
Thanks for the respons, Hastein Twilight happy

I'm just a bit disapointed because I was looking forward to this year's BronyDays since I hadn't the chance to come last year :/

But, if you have your reasons (wich you obviously do), it's sure worth the waiting Happy

Hope I will make it 2015 then, even if April isn't the best month to travel for me Salute
Hi! Is there anything new about conventions in France?
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Yeah, would be good to know if there's anything planned yet.

If the Con is still going to be in spring next year, it's about time to start planning the trip :/
Well, not sure if some people are still following the thread, but the date and location are set (31 October and 1 November 2015 in Nantes), and they launched the founding:
I still care.
Yay for Nantes! ... how do I get there? xD
Ima check right now.
I don't know how well served is the airport, and that's a 2 and a half hour train ride from Paris and it's quite expensive too... the sooner, the cheaper; but you can't book too earlier (stupid trains).
Also, somebody from Paris may take you for a ride there if they are also planning to go to the convention.
Tickets available, yay!
still no info regarding guests though...

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