[2020] GalaCon Volunteer Applications
Volunteer registrations for GalaCon 2020 are closed. We're looking for volunteers for several teams that will help us make GalaCon the event of the year again. Read everything about it on our home page. If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or by mail at volunteer(at)galacon.eu.

Current status of volunteer applications:

  • Volunteer applications are open. We're looking for volunteers.
    Volunteer applications are closed due to GalaCon being postponed to 2021. Applications will re-open in 2021.

  • There's an automated reply mail that will confirm that we have your application.

  • Every application email sent until 2020-01-30 should have got an accept/reject mail. If you applied before that, and didn't get such a reply, contact me.

  • Applications after 2020-01-30 will have to wait for the next planned wave of accepts/rejects.

  • Accepted volunteers who have signed the contract and completed the registration up to 2020-01-30 should have access to the hidden volunteers section.

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