Poll: I want this question honestly answered: 'If you see a cosplayer at the convention, how do you respond to them?'
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Walk to them and give them a compliment and try to start an conversation.
24 77.42%
Walk to them and laugh at their costume.
1 3.23%
Ignore him and try to buy some stuff.
6 19.35%
Total 31 vote(s) 100%
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I know this is said before, but I really like to mention this:
Wait, if there are so many people who'll start a conversation with just any cosplayer...
...then loads of random people will just start talking to me, should I really wear a cosplay x.x *faints*
Being the center of attention is one of the things I don't really want and that I can't handle, yet I'm secretly hoping for. It's a paradox.
I as well would treat cosplayers like anybody else. Except maybe when their cosplay is to my liking, I'll probably ogle them every... quarter of a second.
(27.01.2013, 23:14)Palpatin Wrote: Being the center of attention is one of the things I don't really want and that I can't handle, yet I'm secretly hoping for. It's a paradox.

I know this feeling... for a moment you can be overwhelmed by all those things happening around you... happened to me while wearing Fluttershy cosplay for the first time (yay, i was a little bit shy Fluttershy grin ). Just seek a silent place outside for five or ten minutes and calm down. Then return and enjoy the rest of meetup because most likely this is not going to happen again Smiling
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Somehow I think that whole topic is strange.
I actually never thought of anybody bullying others because they were cosplayers or that there were people out there doing that.
Personally I really like cosplay in any form. Let it be fursuits, fullbody paintings, complete costumes or just not so human looking ears. Fluttershy grin

For the poll: The number of answers is really limited. I usually only go to Cosplayers to ask them if I can take their picture (or film them doing something). I don't go and laugh at them either (except they did something funny) or just walk away to buy something anytime I see one of them. (That would be really expensive, if I did that. Believe me. xD)
I don't wear cosplays and I have no intention to collect interest from people to myself. I'm fine with who I am and what I wear (the occasional brony apparel).

I also usually don't really care about cosplays of other people, since I think most cosplays I've seen so far don't really look good, in my opinion. Except for this one Discord cosplay and GGG Pinkie Pie dress costume at BUCK last year. Those were wicked awesome.

For pretty much everyone else, I usually shrug and move on or have some small chat if I feel like it. I still don't really get why people prefer to dress/play as someone else - especially fictional characters, but that's just my ignorance really.

I have nothing against cosplays, though. And I will respect each person's opinion regarding cosplay or dresscode, as long as it isn't over the top sexual or whatnot. It's just a part of the brony fandom, I suppose. It's just not a thing for me.

Things like ponysuits do freak me out a little, though. Since even though they should resemble like ponies from the show, it's not the same (they look kinda malformed to me) and I can't see who's under the mask.
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As somepony who does this whole cosplay-thing for over ten years (almost 12 years) I know many strange situations.

First of all: Its not nice and not fair to talk bad about other cosplayers. And this whole bully-thing is really a good reason to call the guards.

Second thing everypony should remember: some cosplayers dont like it to be photographed. Yes, I know, thats strange, but in over ten years I met several cosplayers who said: take the camera away! its not allowed to make pictures from me!
...and thats true. Everypony has the right to say no to pictures. And we should accept that.

Third: stage-fright. Happens to all of us sometimes. Dont worry, its natural. If you have any problem just give yourself a break, some fresh air and remember: most of us are doing this for FUN Pinkie approved

In the end: if you have any problem or question TALK TO US! We are there to help.
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I chose the Ignore option. But then again, I hardly ever establish any conversations with bronies unknown to me even if they aren't cosplaying.

I remember the Dutch Flim from last year. He was nigh (neigh?) impossible to ignore because he was all over the place. And he was a funny sight to see. I didn't say a word to him.
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I'd play it cool, and compliment them in the most civil, friendly and professional manner. After all, they're human beings like us, and the same also goes for Guests of Honour.

For instance, I've met two Princess Cadance cosplayers at BUCK last year, and their costumes were well made, and executed. Also, there was a GGG Pinkie Pie cosplayer that won an award, and even though I didn't get the chance to compliment her in person, I did so later, and she loved my compliment.
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