[2019] PlushieCon at GalaCon 2019.
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The PlushieCon at GalaCon 2019.

For those in a hurry, here's the registration link:

Once again, for the 5th time at GalaCon already, there will be the meetup of the plushies, the PlushieCon, at the main stage on Saturday evening - and your plushie(s) can pariticpate, can be a part of a wonderful and huge whole thing! Twilight smile

In 2018, we had 680 plushies (+ 1 robot) attending - let's see how much there will be this year!

To be able to handle this huge amount with the necessary care yet fast enough, we have established a tested and proven system. I think it's best to just show you the whole PlushieCon weekend Twilight happy

General legal information.
PlushieCon is going to act on request of Pony Events Federation (organizer of GalaCon); accordingly, their Conditions of Participation and Exclusion of Liability apply and are bindingly accepted by the owner at latest by handing in a plushie.

Each plushie needs to be registered in our system - just for it to be known to us so it can't get lost. This registration will of course be available at GalaCon, but to keep the time you have to spend with the registration process as short as only possible, we urgently recommend the online registration at https://plushiecon.m-l-g.info/. If you're not sure how many plushies you're going to bring, better register too much than too few! There can't be a "too much" at the registration - if at GalaCon you bring less or no plushies at all, that won't be a problem! On the opposite, registering only on the spot will consume valuable GalaCon time.

Plushies just bought at GalaCon can (and need to, a registration is mandatory for each plushie to become a part of PlushieCon) only be registered on the spot, that's pretty obvious. But if there is a registration for at least one other plushie (maybe even a fictious one!), newly bought plushies can be just added to this registration - which will accelerate things quite a lot.

Before you can choose the number of plushies and enter their data, we have to ask for your personal data - just because for us to be able to assign the plushies to their rightful owner if we need to do so. Galacon's ticket number, for that purpose, is of no use for us because this nr. can be assigned the buyer of the ticket, but that's not necessarily the real owner of the ticket - and the plushie.

When finished, you're offered a two-pages PDF file which you can print out. We recommend to use it. On the first page are important numbers, the second page contains a "sheet with 10 ready-for-use-numbered wristbands for self-cutting" (usage of 2019 GalaCon theme graphics image provided by and used with friendly permission of Pony Events Federation). You may find this pretty useful for the next step:

Numbers are attached to the plushies by their owners.
Before we can take your plushies, they need to have their number attached to them. Every owner is assigned a unique "Plushie Group Number" (PGNR), and each of his plushies (how many and exactly which ones we see in your registration) gets this very number.

Attaching the numbers to the plushies during the hand-in by PlushieCon staff turned out to be way too time-consuming in the past; generating numbers on the spot, getting them on the wirstbands and our system resulted in too many mistakes, that's why we changed to the actual system. Now, there's one directive: No plushie hand-in without the number at the plushie. So, owners need to attach their PGNR to their plushies on their own. It's entirely possible to do this in advance of GalaCon, still at home and without any hurry - this will, once again, save you valuable time during the convention Twilight happy Besides, one point to be critizised about out work in the past was that numbers were attached too firmly by us - now everyone can attach the numbers as he pleases as long as it's readable by us and attached in a way it won't fall off.

To help you with that, we have page 2 of the registration PDF file - as you remember: it's the one with the already filled-in PGNR numbers. You may now cut this page to 10 single wristbands and attach them without any hurry to your plushies at home Twilight happy

This time, owners are obliged to use the official wristbands (either the self-printed ones or those provided at the convention). The reason is that some plushies seem to be collecting their PlushieCon wristbands like festival admission badges RD wink - but for us, it is very hard if a plushie comes with several different wristbands and numbers to determine which one is the valid number for the actual PlushieCon, we had to learn this during sorting the Plushies on Sunday morning last year. Therefore, we can only allow for wristbands with PGNR in the 2019 design, so we can determine on the first glance which band (and thus, which number) is the right one for this year. - Besides, almost no one made use of the possibility of creating own styles of number-attachments last year, so we decided to skip this. Please note: This does not apply if you're a member of the PlushieCon Club and therefore have your own personal PGNR number which doesn't consist of just numbers but also includes one letter. These PlushieCon Club numbers can be attached to the plushie in any way you want, we just have to be able to read it. So, as a PCC member, you can continue to use your number badges, wristbands or whatever, of course, just as we promised.

If a wristband is attached too loosely, we have to insist for you to fix that - for your own safety so it won't fall off the plushie accidentally.

Some plushies have accessoires like hats, plushie pets (e.g. Pinkie could have Gummy with her) and so on. To make sure you get back everything that belongs to your plushies, we have to ask you to attach your PGNR number to all those parts, too. That counts for all things that somehow belong to a certain plushie but aren't permanently connected with the plushie - like accessoires, plushie pets, detachable wings, a pillow for huge plushies and so on - you get the idea.

Plushies just bought on the spot, of course, can't get a number in advance. For registrations only made during the Con (newly bought plushies or only just decided to participate), we'll have the already known wristbands with a self-adhesive spot (provided once again by GalaCon, with the appropriate Con-themed graphics Cheerilee ). You may get them at our hand-in desk, write your PGNR on it and attach them to your plushie on the spot, but just as before, it needs to be done by the owner.

Hand-in opens on Saturday after Opening Ceremony ends and will remain open until 19:00 straight. You'll find us at the "stone reception desk", next to the main entrance just on the right side. Just as in previous years, there will be orientation signs throughout the venue for both hand-in and hand-out, together with our opening hours.

For those who still need to register their plushies, we'll have terminals just opposite of our hand-in desk, under the stairs. To answer any questions and offer help if needed, a team member of PlushieCon will be there.

Once you have your numbers ready and your plushies labelled, hand-in will be rather quick for you even with a greater amount of plushies. On our computers, we have a list with all registered plushies. For hand-in, we estimate each plushie if the PGNR is attached, if there are any damages or dirt stains; we have a tickbox scale where we just mark the condition the plushie is in when we get it - and that's it, now your plushie will take part at PlushieCon in the evening!

Depending on how many and which kind and sizes of plushies we get and how much space is left on the stage, Team PlushieCon needs to reserve the right to close hand-in early.

PlushieCon itself...
... is a part of the evening program on its own and will take place on the main stage from 21:00 until 23:00.

Just as in the last three years, PushieCon won't be a "silent movie" or a "static and silent plushie museum". It's going to be sort of a panel again: I'll introduce some special plushies (the BIGGEST / tiniest / heaviest / most exotic / ...) and maybe, if they're present and willing to come on stage, their makers and/or owners (completely depending on the situation and plushies I'm going to find on the spot). I'm also planning to show you a bit around "behind the scenes" - not in person, of course, but with pictures on the screen, to show you how a PlushieCon comes to life. I'm also offering the chance for a PlushieCon-related Q&A. Questions can be asked not only on the spot, but also here in this thread, on Twitter ( @PlushieCon ) or any other way, or during hand-in on Saturday at the Con.

"Guess I have to decide between gala, disco or PlushieCon", you're thinking now? Nope. We are well aware that PlushieCon is not the main event of the evening but more something to visit "in-between". But for those who are interested to have the chance to watch the "PlushieCon panel" in the afterwatch, I asked GalaCon for official recording of PlushieCon again (it was not only recorded but even streamed last year). This would mean PlushieCon gets recorded the same way as, say, the cosplay contest, with their technology - which takes the sound right from the microphones which makes it perfectly readable; if you just put a camera somewhere in the audience seats, it will record all kind of noise and the echoes of the big room, which makes the audio quite unreadable. If there actually will be an official recording by GalaCon again this time is, however, something that's not up to us to decide, as it is with what will be uploaded, and when - we'll have to wait'n'see for this as well, too.

... will be on Sunday from 12:30 until 16:30 at Bürgersaal I - that's the room where the disco party on Saturday evening will be raving RD deals with it
Hand-out of plushies on Saturday is not scheduled and not even really possible because before hand-out, we have to sort them after their big appearance on the main stage. That's why we can't start the hand-out sooner than 12:30, but thanks to our new internal procedures, a complete hand-out will be possible during this four hours - we even made it last year when we only opened for hand-out with a certain delay. This year, I'm confident we took all precautions to be ready for you at the scheduled time RD deals with it

Please bring your number (page 1 of the PDF file or the data photographed from your screen - as you wish) for hand-out, we will need it there for one last time.

Each plushie owner needs to come to the hand-out and pick up his plushies in time on his own responsibility. Plushies not picked up in time will go, according to the Conditions of Participation and Exclusion of Liability, to the Lost&Found of GalaCon/PEF and may be shipped to the owner at his expense.

And now: let's get to the registration - and let's have another great GalaCon and PlushieCon!
[Image: f7PMJx9.png]

Hello everyone!

I'm Haselwoelfchen, one of the many plushie makers in the fandom and part of the PlushieCon team. I want to tell you about a little project I have planned for this year's Galacon.

We know you love your plushies. But even with the greatest care, you sometimes find a loose stitch on your snuggle buddy. No need to fret! At the PlushieCon pick-up at Galacon, you'll be able to bring in your plushie for repairs. From 14:30 until 15:30 on Sunday, I will be there to mend your plushies.

This service is completely free of charge. Furthering our shared love of cuddly pony companions is its own reward. We do however appreciate donations which we will hand over to Bronies for Good.

Hope to see you at Galacon 2019!
Haselwoelfchen & the PlushieCon team


What: Plushie Repairs
When: 14:30 – 15:30 on Sunday, 28.07.19
Where: At the PlushieCon Pickup (Party Hall, Bürgersaal 1)
Price: Free (Donations appreciated)
Version in deutscher Sprache auf bronies.de

Finally, here are the results: the database entries have been counted out! Twilight smile So, now we know for sure how many of each character have been there, counting up together to the total of 800 plushies. The reasons it took so long are that for once, I just have to find the necessary time - and then, the system can't give out a result automatically if for one pony, three different designations are used because it's not in the registration drop-down list. This happened with: "Carrot Top / Golden Harvest" aka. "Carrot Top" aka. "Golden Harvest / Carrot Top". For the software, these are three different characters Hmm... Or with Tempest Shadow: "Fizzle Pop Berry Twist (Tempest)" aka. "Fizzelypop Berrytwist" aka. "Tempest Shadow". Such entries need to be counted out manually Hmm...

But enough of the long talk - time for the numbers. Names without a number behind them mean: this character was present only once.

Mane 6 incl. variants and characters frequently appearing with them
Applejack * 33
Angel Bunny * 6
Fluttershy * 59
Flutterbat * 10
Pinkie Pie * 43
Pinkamena Diane Pie
Rainbow Dash * 68
Rarity * 23
Spike * 4
Twilight Sparkle - Unicorn * 18
Twilight Sparkle - Alicorn * 38

Princesses / "Royal Family" (incl. villain and Alter Ego's)
Celestia * 13
Daybreaker * 3
Luna * 33
Nightmare Moon * 7
Cadance * 5
Shining Armor * 4
Flurry Heart
Queen Chrysalis * 9

Cutie Mark Crusaders
Apple Bloom * 9
Scootaloo * 9
Sweetie Belle * 7

Ponies from the show / the movie / the comics (incl. Equestria Girls: pony versions)
Derpy * 28
Dr. Whooves * 4
Lyra * 16
Sweetie Drops / Bonbon * 5
Octavia * 10
Vinyl Scratch * 13
Big Macintosh * 4
Pear Butter * 9
Bright Macintosh * 2
Cheerilee * 3
Coco Pommel
Colgate / Minuette * 5
Daring Do * 5
Sunset Shimmer * 8
Trixie * 5
Starlight Glimmer * 8
Moondancer * 3
Rara * 2
Countess Coloratura * 2
Fleur de Lis
Maud Pie * 2
Limestone Pie * 2
Cream Heart, better known as Buttons Mom * 5
Button Mash * 2
Spitfire * 6
Flitter * 3
Cloud Chaser * 2
Soarin' * 4
Sprinkle Medley * 4
Merry May * 2
Vapor Trail
Sky Stinger
Berry Punch * 2
Aloe * 3
Lotus * 3
Sunshower Raindrops
Silver Spanner
Carrot Top / Golden Harvest * 5
Lightning Dust * 2
Lunar Guard
Bat Pony Guard
Adagio Dazzle
Sonata Dusk * 2
Fizzlepop Berrytwist aka. Tempest Shadow * 3
Songbird Serenade / Sia * 2
Double Diamond
Apple Fritter
Cherry Berry
Saffron Masala
LyraBon ("Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep")
Mare Do Well
Tree Hugger
Braeburn * 2
Twilight Velvet (Twilights Mom)
Diamond Mint
Night Glider
Dr. Fauna

Other show / movie characters incl. Young 6 / Student 6
Autumn Blaze * 7
Cynder Glow * 2
Kirin (entries don't state which one exactly...) * 3
Changeling * 6
Captain Celaeno
Princess Skystar
Gabby * 2
Fruit bat

Fandom-created characters
Flufflepuff * 6
Snowdrop * 3

Fallout: Equestria / FoE: Project Horizons
Littlepip * 6
Velvet Remedy * 2
Calamity * 2

Fandom mascots
Canni Soda (GalaCon) * 12
Aurora Harmony (Everfree Encore)
Bavaria Brezn (Bronies Bayern e.V.)
Frankonia Brezn
Princess Pancake (Bronies Berlin-Brandenburg e.V.)
Unity (Brony Fair) * 3
Ember (Hearth's Warming Con)
Sea Sailor (SeaBronies) * 2
Poniko (Japan PonyCon)  * 3
Miss Libuše (Czequestria) * 4
Moravica (should be Bronies Moravia as fas as I recall)
Radoslava (Bronies Bratislava)
Hoof Beatz (BronyCon)
Mane Event (BronyCon)
Westphalia (Bronies NRW e.V.)
Liberty Bell (Fillycon, Philadelphia)
Fillycon (Which one, they have more than one? Don't know, entry doesn't state it)
Golden Gates (BABSCon)
Nettle Vienna (Café Jsjaj)

Personal OCs
Mikropnö #1
Mikropnö #2
Railway Dash
Sound Blow
Æther Star
Little Jester
Blueberry Nose
Lupina 2
Madame Banane
Krystal Shard
Nebula Shatter * 2
Blue Paint
Bright Flame * 2
Green Stars
Mulberry Ink
Pi Crumbs
The Great Magzini
Jean Cloth
Jenny Cloth
Pointy Highfeather
Color Dash
Barley Tender
Caramel Malt
Lifesize Ashleigh Ball
Green Globe
Shadow Dash
Euro Winter
Morning Glory
Rose Treefriend
Lucy Vectors
Starflame Blood
Leopolt von Richter * 2
Sunset Songbird
Aria Stone
Bonnie D. Eierschegge
Night Flash
Hypnohooves * 2
Pokémon Sylveon
Hoof Work
Miss Antonia
"Lanicorn" (Lan)
Mixed Glider
North Star
Green Storm
Silverwing Harmony
Record Melodie
Bean Cup

Pinky the Unicorn
completely without a name (empty array) * 3 - don't ask me how that was even possible Applejackshocked , but they all are stated as checked in in the database

Together: 800
Feedback time!

GalaCon has launched their visitor's survey:

I don't know where PlushieCon is built in there Not bad , presumably, it belongs to the "Community Panels" Derpy eyes - it is nowhere mentioned by name. Anyway: anyone with some interest in PlushieCon is hereby asked and requested to participate in this survey and enter their wishes and suggestions regarding PlushieCon in one of the "annotations" input boxes (best to choose one in a fitting topic, not just the one where your opinions regarding the bathrooms are asked for [Image: trollestia.png] ).

In 2020, should we really go and aim for the 1000 plushies? Write it in! You didn't like the way the plushies were arranged this year? Fill it in! You think that industrial ("china-made") plushies should be excluded at all? Just tell us! And so on...

Only this way, "GalaCon" (more: the orgas behind GalaCon) get an authentic picture of what the visitors really want - also regarding the future of PlushieCon. And only after we all get this picture, GalaCon and PlushieCon can sit together and discuss how the journey should continue in 2020.
Once again, TikeyX was at GalaCon and took lots of photos! Today, he published the album for PlushieCon - you should totally check it out, there are lots of photos, both "mass pictures" as well as details!

For the Google-Photos-Album click here, please!

Check out his other albums, too - for instance, he published one only for Sweetie Bot yesterday.

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