Good afternoon.
So yeah... I'm traversing Europe by car!
I'm going to depart from Lisbon about two weeks before GALACON.
I'm planning to go visit my mom and then going to the Nurburgring.

Check points I've got in mind so far



 -Le Mans



So, I still have to plan dates.

If anyone needs a ride, I still have two spots available.

PS: Here's my car choices so far xD

[Image: SAM-0120.jpg][Image: SAM-7463.jpg][Image: SAM-9462.jpg]
[Image: eurobro-ricardofr-200.png]
Whoah!! Now that's one hell of a car trip!! Applejackshocked

No, really - these are several thousand kilometers. Yes, it sure sounds like an adventure, but frankly, I'm glad I don't have to drive this on my own Applejackshocked I can't speak for the other countries, but here in Germany, I avoid going by car during day time whenever I can - in my opinion, there are too many dangerous lunatics out there on the streets (no, not you! I'm talking about those c**ntfaces of BMW or Audi (the big models, of course) drivers!), some people even compare the German streets to battlefields - so yes, I try to avoid being on the streets at the same time as they are.

Isn't such a trip nastily exhausting? And where are you planning to stay overnight?

Sure sounds like an interesting project, and if you want, I'd like to read more about your experiences during that trip - but I'd rather do so from my computer chair than from actually doing it on my own RD wink
Several hostels and house friends.

Several c*ntfaces... Audis? Bimmers? Mercs? I'm afraid sometimes I might be crazier than them (specially on trackdays lol)

I've got 140 of french horses under the hood. They won't scare me, they never did  RD deals with it


So here we, go, oh yeah, I might also see the guys from Mighty Car Mods on the way :) That's why I'm going to the ring.

So far no precise dates, but I'll keep you guys updated don't worry.

EDIT01: So I might take the PUNTO 188 because well... It drinks less, and the belt was changer for less time than the CHAMADE so... We'll see how time goes by and plans change...
[Image: eurobro-ricardofr-200.png]
I need to ask a question to German drivers:

1-How much do tolls cost in Germany?
2- I'm bringing a car from 1993, should I get paperwork done before getting in Ludwigsburg, or since it's a foreign car, is there no problem?
3-Where to park and how much would it cost me.
4-Are there any handicap places available close to the forum? I do have a blue card.
[Image: eurobro-ricardofr-200.png]
(08.06.2019, 07:11)ricardofr-200 Wrote: 1-How much do tolls cost in Germany?
In the future (probably by the end of 2020), there will be a toll.
But at the moment there is none. So nothing to worry about. It's free.  Cool

Quote:2- I'm bringing a car from 1993, should I get paperwork done before getting in Ludwigsburg, or since it's a foreign car, is there no problem?
Since Portugal is a member of the European Union, there should be no problem. Your vehicle registration is valid in the whole EU without any additional paperwork. This, of course, also includes driving in Germany. Only make sure that your car is free from any safety-related technical problems (e.g. reduced braking power, worn down tires, rusted through structural parts, etc.), carry all the mandatory safety equipment (high-visibility vest, warning triangle, first-aid box with valid expiration date), and if you made modifications to your car (e.g. using wheel size that is not recorded in your vehicle licence, mounting new spoiler and other attachments, etc.) also make sure to carry certificate of conformity for these parts. While all these requirements most likely also apply to your home country, German police is known to look very closely, so be aware of that.

One important thing to note are low-emission zones (German: "Umweltzone"). Some cities which had problems with bad air quality in the past, now have them. Ludwigsburg is one of these cities and also the nearby city of Stuttgart is infamous for having the biggest of these zones. In order to legally drive in one of these zones, you need to have a green sticker on your windshield (or in some cases, the more relaxed yellow or red is enough, but it is now mostly green only.)

For reference: Here is the sign that tells you, when you are not allowed to enter without one of the stickers (Conveniently, you can also see the sticker design depicted on the button of the sign. In this example all three colours are allowed):
[Image: 200px-Umweltzone_rot%2C_gelb%2C_gr%C3%BCn_frei.svg.png]

You can get one of these stickers in Germany at TÜV, Dekra, a car registration agency (would not recommend this option as these agencies often have very long waiting times), or you might also be able to order it from your home country (but this will probably be more expensive). Cheapest and easiest way is probably to drive to a branch from TÜV or Dekra and get it there. TÜV charges 6 € if you get a sticker at one of there service centers or 15 € when you order it online.

Driving to one of the service centers from TÜV or Dekra is no problem, as they are usually located at the outskirt of the city and you only need the sticker when you want to enter the city center.

Color of the sticker (or decision, if you get any sticker at all) is based upon the emission class listed in your car registration. There is no technical inspection required. You only need to go to the office, show your vehicle registration documents and they will give you the appropriate sticker.

Most gasoline powered cars will get a green sticker. If you have an old diesel engine that does not comply to newest emission standards, you will most likely be out of luck and get no sticker and thus not be allowed to drive into the city center. Might be a fact to consider, regarding your car choice.  Wink

Quote:3-Where to park and how much would it cost me.
Here is a nice overview: https://www.ludwigsburg.de/site/Ludwigsb...-08-13.pdf

The place marked with the big blue number 8 in this overview is right in front of the event location (Forum am Schlosspark) and will cost a maximum of 4 € per day. If you want to save some money, you can park in one of the streets, marked purple ("Gebührenzone 3"). There, you only have to pay from Monday till Friday. Saturday and Sunday are free of charge.

Quote:4-Are there any handicap places available close to the forum? I do have a blue card.
Yes, here you can even see the markings on the ground on google maps.
(note, this is part of parking lot, I have already mentioned previously - number 8 on the overview)
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All my cars are gasoline, most of them from 91,92.

Only the last one is from 2003 but I'm too afraid of bringing it since its prone to a few electronic mis-haps.

The old ones are pre euro1, only the fiat is euro2.

Well, see if I get there in time to the con, for at least saturday!
[Image: eurobro-ricardofr-200.png]
In that case, you may have a problem. As far as I know, euro 1 is the minimum requirement.
With pre euro 1 you probably will not get a sticker for the low emission zones, meaning, you are not allowed to drive inside of those zones.
Of course, this should not be overrated. Outside the center of big cities, you can still drive freely as much as you like. And if you choose to enter a low emission zone without a sticker, it is still a matter of luck (or lack thereof) if there happens to be somebody checking. Not that I advise, you should do it, but... you know what I mean. Worst case, if you geht caught, the fine would be 80 €.
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