Everfree Encore 2019: Volunteer Applications are open!
Since there is no designated area here on eurobronies for Brony music festivals, I just take the freedom to set this thread here in the GalaCon area - the organizing association, the Pony Events Federation e.V., is the same for both events anyway. If it's in a too wrong area of the forum, I'm sure our dear Lord Overbunny can create a better area and move the thread Happy

I just wanted to announce since no one else did it: looking for one more event to be a volunteer at? Not the "usual" convention, but a music festival instead? Consider volunteering at Everfree Encore 2019! Cheerilee

Volunteer applications are now open: here's the link. On the main page, you'll also find plenty of information about what Everfree Encore even is at all, about guests, the music, the location... I just want to say so much: I've been there on its premiere in 2018, it was awesome, I can really recommend it, it's a lot of fun - whether you're "just" a visitor or a volunteer Brohoof
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[Image: Unbenannt.png]

Of course everyone is also welcome to visit Everfree Encore as a visitor. ^^
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