[2018] Trixie wants YOU! - GalaCon Panel
tours with her show all across Equestria and is in need of a low handyman faithful assistant, which can lend her a helping hoof. The great honor of being her step ladder, bringing her peanut butter crackers or function as test subject for her newest spells can be yours! Sound fun?

However, not everypony can get this dream of a job. That is why a contest will take place, where you have to prove your talent and skills. Be victorious in various minigames, selected from every category there is. Defeat your opponents and move on to the next round by KO system.

You won’t know who your opponent will be or what game you’ll have to play until your battle begins. Be prepared for everything, Trixie has pulled some interesting games out of her hat. Fun guaranteed for participants and audience^^

Curious? Then visit “Trixie wants YOU!” and sign in as participant when the panel starts. Places are limited, so be sure to be quick if you want to be the next star at the showpony-assistant-sky. Even if this isn’t enough encouragement already, first three places will be honored with
proving that you are almost as great and powerful as Trixie herself!


It's our first time at GalaCon presenting a panel. We hope you all have a lot of fun competing and playing the games we prepared. There will be 24 slots for participants, so be sure to sign up early [Image: trixie.png]

Looking forward to meeting you at GalaCon 2018!
I proudly present: The panel poster
[Image: trixiewantsyouposterfk2u2n.png]

I rly like how this turned out Trixie  There will be real posters at the Forum am Schlosspark too.

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