PlushieCon will be at Hearth's Warming Con 2018!
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PlushieCon at Hearth's Warming Con 2018.

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Only about one week ago, no one even thought about it... but now, without further ado: PlushieCon will be at Hearth's Warming Con on February 17 and 18 in Haarlem!

For those who are wondering:

Online pre-registration of the plushies will go online very soon and will remain online until Wednesday, Feb. 14th. Once it becomes active, we'll inform you with another post in here Twilight happy

To have the plushie hand-in at the Con as smooth as possible, we'd like to encourage you to make really good use of the pre-registration. Better enregister too much than too few plushies! Don't hesitate to enregister each and every plushie you even have! It's no problem at all if someone enregisters all of his 40 plushies and brings only one or even none to the convention. But if vice versa someone enregisters only at the Con, this will consume much precious time.

When doing the registration, you'll be shown some numbers and have the possibility to print them with a PDF file. Please do write down these numbers, print them or photo them from your computer screen - we will need them at the event for checking in and out your plushies, in any case, we will ask you for your PID number!

At the convention, we'll be on the first floor in class room #6.

Hand-out of your plushies will be on Sunday, as usual.

Liability exclusion: Taking part at PlushieCon will be, also according to the terms and conditions of Hearth's Warming Con, at the plushie owner's own risk. We assure you of the best and most careful handling of your plushies, however, any liability of the PlushieCon team or Hearth's Warming Con for loss or damage is excluded, save for cases of gross negligent or culpable behavior. The plushie owner accepts this terms with handing his plushie(s) over to the PlushieCon team.

So then - see you and your plushies soon in Haarlem! Twilight smile Brohoof
The online pre-registration for PlushieCon at Hearth's Warming Con has become active! Twilight smile

You can find it:

It will remain active until Wednesday, February 14th. Every plushie owner who wants his plushie(s) to be at this PlushieCon is encouraged to use it Twilight smile

The login thing in the upper right corner is for members of the PlushieCon Club only. If you aren't a member of the PlushieCon Club (PCC) yet, please ignore it. PCC members can, after logging in, directly choose which of their plushies they want to enregister; non-members, please go to "Start" instead and fill in the data manually.

Thank you all in advance!

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