[2017] Galacon Appreciation Thread
Hey ponies,
I wanted to start this thread to officially thank every volunteer and staff member who helped this year (and any year prior) as well as tell a little personal tale about growth.

So people who follow this subforum for a few years may remember me from my 'After the Gala' post from 2015, and it took me this long to notice how the Galacon helped me grow in so many ways.
I used to be really nervous, anxious about talking to people, especially if I look up to them, but this year I can honestly say that I didn't feel nervous when talking to any special guest, or to any stranger - and that was, frankly, a new one for me.
The fact that, even though I am suffering from depression (uphill battle, feeling fine about half of the time nowadays) and from social anxiety in my everyday life, I just felt nothing in the way of 'nervous' or 'anxious' when talking to a stranger or to a special guest was bewildering. Given, I still didn't talk to as many people as I'd have liked, kept quiet rather than starting conversations, it was still a whole new experience for me.

So 2015 the Galacon helped me to push through depression. In 2017 the Gala showed me how it felt to talk to people without loosing myself in anxiety. I can't overstate how thankful I am for the opportunity you presented me there, to feel a little bit more normal, feel a little bit more like I belong. 
Although I'll say: I still got a lot to do personally, to grow, but heck, I wouldn't be where I am without every single one of you who volunteered and crowdfunded or even just attended this amazing event. Year after year after year.

Thank you all.
(I'd love for everyone to share a bit of their story this year when participating in this thread. Every story is worthwhile!  RD wink)

See you 2018
yes! thanks you to everyone!

and you go boy! it can only get better!
Well... there isn't much of a story to share from me. As the lead PlushieCon orga (yeah, I know, I'm not an official GalaCon orga but as the official leader of PlushieCon, I consider myself being an orga as well), I had lots.of work, work.and even more work, but I knew that before the con started - it was no surprise, was the same as last year.

But seeing the happy faces of the visitors, be it at PlushieCon or GalaCon in general, always tells me that I did something useful with my time, could help to create something that actually made people happy - and that's what's so special about being a volunteer (after all, orgas are just volunteers as well, only with much.more time of the year to spend and with much more responsibilities) at such an event. It's no stupid, senseless, meaningless work.

And I do remember your post from 2015 in this forum. I'm glad things are becoming better for you - maybe slowly, but steadily. It's stories like your personal story that add extra sense and.meaning to our work, that show us we actually achieved something - for you and others like you.

I think we'll see you again at GalaCon 2018 Brohoof
Sidestepping the bulk of this discussion for obvious reasons, but I'd just like to say that I always thought it was called Plushiecon because it's a convention for the plushies themselves, and so using the word convention in a playful sort of way. If it was meant to imply something else I'd gladly hear it.

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Stay cool horseys.
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You may read my answer to Sundance here: https://www.eurobronies.org/thread-649-p...ml#pid6500 .

To the thread opener, FoxTheCat: my sincere apologies your thread got so massively derailed. I never meant for this to happen, I just wanted to answer you and show you my point of view at GalaCon 2017, as you asked for in your starting post. I'm sorry, but I'm not responsible for "answers" that are given to a post that I wrote that was never intended to hurt or trigger anyone.

@Shade: your explanation of the name is absolutely correct Pinkie approved That's exactly what the namesgiver, Saij, and we had in mind. At the beginning, it was just a combination of "plushie meetup" and "GalaCon", combined it resulted in "PlushieCon" (written this way as a reference to the event's name, GalaCon, and the way it is written), but quickly the meaning of the name was adapted to the con of the plushies - as you explained it.
2017 Galacon was my first con ever. So you can imagine how anxious I was. But people were so great and accepting, I felt at home so fast. I even kept in touch with a couple of people I met there. Can't wait for this year's Galacon.

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