Meetups outside the con?
Hey Guys,

I'm travelling this year with a friend from the UK, and we're arriving early on the Thursday, and not leaving again until the Wednesday afterwards, so we ere wondering who else is staying for a little longer either side and if anyone has any activities/meetups planned that we could maybe hop in on?

Thanks in advance! Happy
One place you can always stop by is the Towers pub, this is the largest gathering spot outside of the convention area. Friday til Sunday it'll be crowded in the evenings for sure.
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You could also check the pizza restaurant at the diagonal opposite of Towers for the non-pubby sort of ponies. After all, sometimes ponies need to eat. It's a big outside terrace so you might spot some horses there as well as the aforementioned Towers pub.

I wonder if there are any other folks making other plans on other days days though. Better speak your mind~
only thing i know of, is the towers pub, but i don't need anything more, that place is always awesome!
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I agree the Towers is the best meetup outside of the con during GalaCon. It's usually really packet and you will meet nice people whether you want to or not. I recommend visiting it in the evening if you don't mind the crowd.

There is a square in very short walking distance that seems to be a meeting place for youth and students on the weekends. You will find no bronies there until you bring some with you. It's a nice atmosphere at night, but you kind of have to listen to the music of the people with the biggest boom box.

The courtyard of the forum tends to get really empty after dark. But, if it's not raining, I plan to bring my battery powered projector and we will watch ponies again on Saturday as soon as it gets dark enough. (I'm still sorry I didn't bring it last year. I didn't know some people were really looking forward to this small event alongside the convention.)

In general, you can just walk up to people and ask them if you can join them. There's always some pony topic at hand to break the ice, if necessary. It's easier to make friends at GalaCon than it is elsewhere. If you are somewhere else in Ludwigsburg, not in or in front of the forum, you will often see people with their pony plushies and/or GalaCon batches. Those are usually also people you can have at least a nice talk with.

Other smaller groups decide to go to other places in the evening or just walk around and see Ludwigsburg. If you are looking for a small group, you better find one during the con or form one yourself.

So, now for your actual question. Not many stay longer than Monday morning. I don't think I know of anybody who does. I hope you will find someone.
Hey there Im arriving with my friends from England at Stuttgart on Thursday morning and leaving the Wednesday after. Come and say hi! Im very tall and wear glasses, have reddish hair and will be on reception on Saturday. Maybe you can hang out with us for a bit on Monday or Wednesday. We are having a day trip to Heidleberg on Tuesday. My name is Caroline
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Thanks everypony for the help, I do enjoy a good pint so the irish pub sounds like a good idea, and we'll probably have a meander round on the evenings and see what's going on.
And fiddlepony we'll be sure to drop by and say hi if we get the chance!

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