[2017] The PlushieCon at GalaCon 2017.
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PlushieCon at GalaCon 2017.

Once again, we will be at GalaCon - this is the info post concerning PlushieCon. I'll try to make it shorter than last year...

PlushieCon? What's this about?
Basically, it's ca con of the plushies, as the name already may hint Twilight smile You may give us your plushies, and at Saturday evening, all those plushies will have their own con at the main stage in the main theater room. Last year, there were more than 480 plushies, 'twas a sight to behold for many of the visitors Twilight smile

How can my plushies be there?
We strongly recommend a pre-registration under this link, this pre-registration has already been activated and will remain active until one week before GalaCon (until Sunday, July 23, to be exactly). Admitted, we ask for a lot of personal data, but we're obliged to do so by GalaCon - after all, we must be able to assign every plushie to its owner at any given time. Asking only for your ticket number doesn't work at GalaCon because here, one person might buy tickets for several people, he only as to pick them up at the entrance but otherwise is free to pass them further on.

We will, however, have a look on each registration. For obvious trolling, lets say, someone gives us this personal data: "Santa Clause, At the North Pole 6, 99999 Antarctica, mailto: santa@santahome.xmas" - well, such entries will be cleaned up from our database and thus be erased without further ado.

When doing the registration, you'll be shown some numbers and have the possibility to print them with a PDF file. Please do write down these numbers, print them or photo them from your computer screen - we will need them at the event for checking in and out your plushies, in any case, we will ask you for your PID number!

Of course, you may register your plushies on the spot at the event, but this will take some of your (and our) time, so we, once again, recommend a registration in advance. If you own more than one plushie - well, it's best to pre-register them all! It's no problem if you bring less plushies than pre-registered or none at all - this doesn't bother us the least. So take the chance and spam our database! RD deals with it A registration on the spot should at best be only for plushies you just bought or for owners who just decided to let their plushies take part.

With your printed PDF file, phone photo or scribble of your numbers and your plushies you then come to us, give us your plushies on Saturday and pick them up on Sunday - and simple as that, they'll be part of the PlushieCon at GalaCon 2017! Twilight smile

We will not accept at GalaCon plushies that violate con rules (that means R34, gore or otherwise strongly disturbing plushies) and any random non-MLP plushies. At smaller PlushieCons, owners like to play the card "that's a changeling who has this form right now" - weeeeeell, maybe at smaller Cons, we can accept such a joke, but not at GalaCon. Here, we really will only accept plushies which clearly and recognizably belong to the MLP universe.

Liability exclusion: Taking part at PlushieCon will be, also according to the terms and conditions of GalaCon, at the plushie owner's own risk. We assure you of the best and most careful handling of your plushies, however, any liability of the PlushieCon team or GalaCon for loss or damage is excluded, save for cases of gross negligent or culpable behavior. The plushie owner accepts this terms with handing his plushie(s) over to the PlushieCon team.

The timetable.
Hand-in of the plushies will be at Saturday, from when the doors of the venue open until 19 o'clock. We're only closed during the Opening Ceremony. Hand-in will be at the desk right next to the main entrance - there will be signs both on Saturday and Sunday.

PlushieCon at the main stage will be from 21 'til 23 o'clock. There won't be a "stage program" like last year (maybe someone recalls Cosplay-Celestia who spoke a "saxon-accented English" :trollestia: ), we're not allowed to do so for legal and insurance reasons because at the foyer before the main theater room there will we the Gala. There will, however, be a samall opening and closing, and of course someone from my team will always be present to answer questions or re-arrange plushies for photos.

Hand-out will be at Sunday from 11 to 15 o'clock at Bürgersaal I, that's the room where the disco will be at Saturday evening RD deals with it An earlier hand-out is not possible - sorry for that, but before handing them out, we have to sort the plushies by their numbers which they'll get from usw, and this sorting requires time. And I promise: there won't be such a chaos at hand-out as last year! That's why the hand-out only starts at 11.

Remark for volunteers: of course we'll see that we'll have some time slots outside of the regular hours for hand-in and hand-out of your plushies, too. We'll announce those non-public time slots in the appropriate info channels.

Security of the plushies...
... is guaranteed at any time!

Each plushie gets a "hoof band" with an individual number at the hand-in - if it doesn't already have such a band from a former PlushieCon. If so, we can re-use this old number again, the number will still remain unique.

From hand-in until hand-out, only members of the PlushieCon team have access to them, no one else - not even the GalaCon orga RD deals with it During PlushieCon, the plushies will be in a secluded area, with the barrier lines far away enough so no one can simply grab a hold on them.

Hand-out will be under completely different conditions than last year, so some kind of "test" like back then won't be even possible again Not bad

And this, fillies and gentlecolts, has been the PlushieCon information post! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or the other leading members of my most loyal team - Crash Override and Lux_Pony will be happy to help you out, too. You can also contact us via e-mail: plushiecon@web.de .

At the end, once again the link to the online pre-registration of your plushies Twilight smile
YAY for the PlushieCon! One of the most adorable events within GalaCon that could ever happen! Also, plushies. A lot of plushies. A ton of adorable pony plushies of different size and style! The cute plushies you'd just want to hug and never let go. The amazing plushie display that will bring warmth to our hearts! Plushies, so many plushies, such adorable plushies... Heart

Also, did I mention plushies? Fluttershy grin
Also, did I mention plushies?

Nope, I don't think you've mentioned them. You definitely should do that ;)
(20.06.2017, 08:56)Chiyo Wrote:
Also, did I mention plushies?

Nope, I don't think you've mentioned them. You definitely should do that ;)

*GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASP* <Insert a Pinkie Gasp emoticon, which is ridiculously absent for some silly reason, here>

PLUSHIES!!!!! Fluttershy grin
Yay, someone's hyping our PlushieCon RD wink Twilight smile

You see, preparing this "event in an event" is part of the work that goes into GalaCon... for weeks and months ahead of the GalaCon itself. Of course, that work is done behind the scenes, but that's one of the reasons we're not "hyping GalaCon" in advance that much - because we focus on our work, this work doesn't get done just by hyping RD wink

Anyway - nice to know someone appreciates our efforts Twilight smile Brohoof
And that's that what i've sayed. Some of our team-members are work at the day after the PlushieCon things out; look at our feedback, if something wasn't work well in the sight of the owners, or, if we found something, by the work internally in the team.

I had enough time to hype, when it were saturday, the 28th of july, 9:00h pm - when the doors open for the owners, sewers and other guests, who will have a look - or take a photo - of the PlushieCon.

When we see the overjoyed or over happiness bright looking faces, then we would know: we have done it right. [Image: pc-dehappy.png]
(20.06.2017, 08:33)Humanarian Wrote: YAY for the PlushieCon! One of the most adorable events within GalaCon that could ever happen! Also, plushies. A lot of plushies. A ton of adorable pony plushies of different size and style!

Speaking of 'tons', how ridiculous would it be, when I calculate the mass of an average plushie and multiply this by 500?
Don't restrain yourself, go ahead Happy Twilight smile
(21.06.2017, 00:08)Railway Dash Wrote: Yay, someone's hyping our PlushieCon RD wink Twilight smile

You see, preparing this "event in an event" is part of the work that goes into GalaCon... for weeks and months ahead of the GalaCon itself. Of course, that work is done behind the scenes, but that's one of the reasons we're not "hyping GalaCon" in advance that much - because we focus on our work, this work doesn't get done just by hyping RD wink

Anyway - nice to know someone appreciates our efforts Twilight smile Brohoof

Honestly, if hype could play any role in your work, it would be a motivational role. When you can't wait for something and can help make it happen, you work extra hard! RD wink
During the now-actual season 7, several new characters were introduced: Rainbow Dashs parents in episode #7, (Empress) Daybreaker in episode #10, and in the recently Australian-shown episode #13, there were several new ponies to be seen.

Daybreaker already exists as plushie, and at least two plushiemakers have announced to have her as plushies for sale at GalaCon. Therefore, we included her in our online registration - right next to the other princesses since she's just a different incarnation of Celestia, as is Nightmare Moon to Luna.

As for Dashies parents, I haven't seen plushies of them yet, but it's entirely possible they will exist. And as for episode #13 "The Perfect Pear" - there's no question whether plushies of the characters shown in it WILL ever exist, the question is just about the WHEN. But especially these very new characters couldn't have been included into our online registration since this registration was already up and running when the episode first aired in Australia.

Therefore, I'd like to ask you for this: if you have plushies of show characters (so this doesn't apply for OCs, there's a separate section for OCs!) which you don't find in the dropdown menu, in this case please do always choose "BN" and enter their names there. Only this way, we'll be able to find all data during the examination which will be done after GalaCon and can present you correct statistics.

For movie spoilers: some GalaCon vendors already announced they will have plushies from characters from the upcoming MLP movie for sale. After getting back with GalaCon orga, it was decided they could also be at PlushieCon. We'll try to place them in the best "non-spoilery" way in the exhibition, but please be aware that there will be movie spoilers at GalaCon, such as plushies, figurines and so on, all containing characters seen in the official movie trailers.
Some little information for these, who didn't now what BN is mean: Background / Minor character (in german, the N stands for "Nebencharakter").

The problem in there is, that i have 3 lists - one for the OCs, one for the Backgrond - Ponys and one for the Ponys, whitch will bere shown in our drop-down menue (like the mane 6, princesses, villains and so on). When you don't look at the drop-down menue and write only the name in the last field in the rigth top corner, then the plushie will be not shown in one of my lists - and that means, that i have more extra-work to look that i correct them (and you may be not have a correct number of plushies). That's what Railway Dash mean with the statistics.
PlushieCon is always amazing overview of art - already looking forward to it!  Fluttershy grin
Member of CZ/SK Bronies

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Blank Flank - the possibilities are, like, endless!
Die deutsche Version dieses Beitrags findet sich hier: https://www.bronies.de/showthread.php?tid=26064&pid=7524515#pid7524515 .

By the way: even if you don't own a plushie yet or don't want to carry the plushies you already have to GalaCon, you can register for PlushieCon anyways Twilight smile

What for? Well, let's say at the Con (during the run on the vendors' tables right after the entrance doors fly open on Saturday RD deals with it ), you buy a new plushie. But maybe it's fairly large, and carrying it around with you for the rest of the weekend is not that comfortable and handy... Hmm... - but you can't leave it on the vendors't table because anyone else might buy it away from you then... well, I think that calls for this plushie being at PlushieCon Twilight smile

Of course, this plushie isn't pre-registered for PlushieCon yet - it obviously can't. But the owner can already be registered! Even without bringing another of his older plushies!

Doing that is simple: just go to

and do a new registration, but simply don't enter a plushie. This means: you enter your personal data (so this data doesn't need to be entered at the spot at GalaCon; you know we're obliged by GalaCon to get this data), and you'll see the necessary numbers - and that's it. Now with these numbers (PID, BID and SEC): simply print them out / scribble them to some paper / photo them with your smartphone / tattoo them on your arm Rdlaugh or get them in some other way so you have them at the ready at the Con - and that's it for the pre-registration of a possible new plushie owner alone; you may now close the site.

At GalaCon, you only need the function "Add plushies to a registration" within our software. This is done way faster than a complete registration because you don't need to enter your personal data, and for single plushies (meant for plushies you just bought at the con) we even can do that right at the hand-in counter RD wink

"Add plushies to a registration" is of course also available for all owners who bring own, older plushies for PlushieCon Salute

I just would like to, once again, strongly recommend as much pre-registration as there's only possible to have the hand-in of the plushies for PlushieCon as smooth and with as less waiting time as we can only manage with the space we're getting to work with at the hand-in.

... just a little advice RD deals with it
The final week of pre-registration for your plushies for our PlushieCon at GalaCon 2017 has begun! Twilight smile

If you haven't done it yet and are even in the slightest considering bringing your plushie(s) for PlushieCon, please make use of this week and do the pre-registration:

The point why I'm stressing our pre-registration so much is that we only have got limited space to work with at the hand-in. To keep waiting times as short as possible, we aim to have two, maybe three hand-in counters simultaneously, but that leaves just enough space for merely one (or two, if we can push the limits of space) terminals for the registration on the short term. We didn't get a reliable wireless network to work (if someone thinks about complaining: please consider we have to buy all technology from our own personal money, we don't generate any financial income from running PlushieCon), so for registrations on the short term, one of our terminals has to be used. But this will inevitably generate waiting times - and as I already mentioned, we want to keep your waiting times as short as we can.

So that's why I strongly recommend using the pre-registration for PlushieCon - which will close this Sunday, July 23, in the late evening.

See you at PlushieCon! Twilight smile
how about a mechanical plushy that drives around, are those welcome?
As long as it doesn't eat the other plushies or my volunteers at night, it is welcome Rdlaugh
So you know, you have to feed it before GalaCon, tomtenberge ;) and feed it well :)
When it will eat other Plushies (or volunteers, of course), i have to "repair it to all little parts" (or to dismantle it, if that was easyer to understand).
hahaha, don't worry, its housetrained
(18.07.2017, 21:44)tomtenberge Wrote: hahaha, don't worry, its housetrained

I hope so. I don't want to bring newspapers or want to clean 500+ plushies from that "smell". Derpy eyes

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