Visit to Praha in September 2016.
Hello everyone,

just wanted to announce my visit to Praha in the beginning of September and tell you what I'm planning to do there.

Since my personal background (for 30 years now) are tramways and public transport, this will be the "main theme" of my visit. In Praha, at ČKD, the tramway cars I grew up with were built - my first rail vehicles I got to know better were Tatra tramways, the type KT4D to be exactly. This type never run in Praha (aside from test rides with the prototypes, that is), but it's internal technics is quite similar to the technics of the other Tatra tramways of the 50s - 80s era: the "PCC steering", which means a semi-automatic steering - without any electronics - with the "accelerator" which was the main part of this steering.

Trams still running on PCC steering are getting rarer and rarer in Praha, too (they do have many disadvantages compared to newer technologies - they consume way more eletrical power, they can't recuperate, the internal mechanics is hard to maintain), only a few are left (T3SUČS, numbers from 7001 - 7292, of course, there already are big gaps in the numbers between). But there are the historical vehicles stored at Vozovna Střešovice.

I booked a ride with a Tatra T1, the first of the Tatra types, from the year 1951. Maybe I'm taking the trip all on my own (wouldn't mind), but maybe someone wants to join in. It's also possible some other tram enthusiasts from Germany will join me on this trip. These other Germans don't know about the brony fandom, and I'm not into explaining it to them as I simply see no use in the effort of explaining for hours and hours. So, this tram ride on the Tatra T1 is no brony tour but focuses on the tram itself, just letting this vehicle run one more time.

I'll arrive in Praha at Sunday, September 4, at 9:28 at Praha hl.n. . Next is getting Czech Crowns (KČ) from an ATM because I have to pay the T1 tram ride cash at the beginning. After that, I'll check in at my hotel (Hotel Legie at the Sokolská), have lunch, maybe go around a little and then go right to Vozovna Střešovice. The trip starts at 15:00 right there, the route will be: Voz. Střešovice - Hradčanská - Strossmayerovo nám. - Vltavská - Palmovka - Krejcárek (just want to go up that ramp with its almost 8% climb!) - Biskupcova - Husinecká - Václavské nám. - Lazarská - Národní divadlo - Újezd - Malostranská - up the Chotková winding road - Pražský hrad - Voz. Střešovice.

If someone wants to join me, I wouldn't mind company Twilight smile

I also booked a translator because I speak almost no Czech, but I will have a bunch of questions to the staff from DPH about the T1. And I hope that maybe I'll get to see their other stored Tatra cars at the vozovna, this vehicles are not in the normal exhibition... as nice as the old pre-war Ringhoffers are, but I'm more interested in the Tatra trams.

For the rest of the Sunday, I haven't planned something in detail yet. I'll also be in Praha on Monday, Sept. 5, aiming to take some rides on the Tatra T6A5 as they also get rarer and rarer, I still need to do some audio recording from them. Also, I'm going to see if there are some 451s are still running on the Esko lines, I'd like to go around with them a bit, too. Too bad I don't speak your language, would really like to check out the drivers cab of those trains (maybe even drive them on my own; I'm driving trains as my profession here in Germany after all...) Same goes for Tuesday, Sept 6 - but at Tuesday, I also have to leave back home. My train departs at hl.n. at 16:27, I already have a fixed ticket for this.

The T1 ride won't be a "brony event" after all, but maybe if somepony is interested, there are two evenings to spend...?

I just wanted to let you know about my plans. If no one wants to join, that's okay with me, too; I'm used to do things on my own, but since there are some bronies in Praha, I just thought I could ask RD wink
For the weekend, I won't be in Prague, but on Monday evening is free for me Twilight smile

Also... I forwarded the info to few people I know they are railway/tram/MHD enthusiasts (also bronies), so you most probably won't end up alone  Happy

Have a nice day and hopefully 'cya!
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Look forward to see you Happy

For Monday, I meanwhile made new plans: since I can travel around with the ČD for free on both Sunday and Monday, I'm now planning to take a trip to Ustí nad Labem on Monday to have a look on their trolejbus system; until now, I never got to ride on a trolejbus, I want to change that now.

For Sunday, I want to take a ride on the Esko S41 from Praha-Hostivař to Libeň, this route isn't served by regular passenger trains on regular Mondays to Fridays. So I'm planning to be in Hostivař at 13:10 (going there either by tram linka čislo 22 or by Esko S9), departing in Hostivař at 13:10, going to Podbaba (arr. 13:29), continuing with trams to Vozovna Střešovice and from there the tour with the Tatra T1 as decribed in the starting post.

After the T1 tour, maybe I'm going to settle for a ride with the Akkubus which should be at linka čislo 163 on Sunday.

On Monday, I'm departing at Masarykovo nádraží at 9:41 (Os; I know that there are faster trains such as the R, but what fun is it racing fast across the land?) and shall be at Ustí n.L. hl.n. at 11:53. I'll check ot the trolejbus system a bit and take this connection back to Praha:

Ustí n.L. - Střekov dep. 16:08 (Os)
Všetaty             arr. 17:13
                    dep. 17:21 (Os)
Praha hl.n.         arr. 18:12.

I hope this is not too late... otherwise, I'd have to leave Ustí two hours earlier, I want to see the route "on the right river-side of Labe", not only the "left river-side" I already know for so many years now.

After that, I'm free for the evening Happy

Look forward to see you - at your home-town this time! Salute

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