Eurobronies Userbars (yours for the taking)
The original free hoster "photobucket" changed their policy from free to roughly "400 USD per anno". Therefore all links went dead, as thrid-party-hosting was no longer supported. Dick move.

The userbars are gone for good, since I will not upload them elsewhere again. Sorry people.

Nice job with bars :) although I prefer just plaintext note footer, these look nice. Sometimes I miss location feature too - a small flag instead of country name could serve well...

PS: Czech Republic, Slovakia are missing :)
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[Image: eurobarczechrep_zpsebab84c0.png]

Blank Flank - the possibilities are, like, endless!
Added both to the list.
Good effort on making these!

I'm guessing you found my sig somewhere, given that UK & Scotland are there, but no other UK nation!

I'm equally happy to be called British though. I usually just say I'm from Scotland to avoid being mistaken as English.
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I see not a Danish one! *shocked!*
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I could only work with the infos from the Introduction Thread. But I expected update requests anyway (especially with the usernumber growing) so, gimme a bit, brb with the danish one.

And done.

[Image: eurobardenmark.png]
Any chance that I could get a U.S.A. one made up? I spend my time between there and Germany. I would appreciate it. Happy
[Image: eurobarusager.png]

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Yeah, maybe I should have considered that beforehand.

[Image: eurobarusa.png]

[Image: eurobarusager.png]
Ah, very useful :)
Good work!
[Image: eurobargermany_zps0177b0cd.png]
No Russia?
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[Image: eurobarrussia.png]
Is russia europe? Applelie

[Image: eurobarrussia.png]

As I said in the startpost, short notice and I add one.
I went by the number of members that were active and said where they live back then. Pinkie approved
Russia is Europe - (until the Ural) - also: They compete in the Eurovision AND the new Euro bills are in Russian.

national correspondence
social network service
press service
hotel service
(24.05.2013, 22:25)Weatherhoof Wrote: the new Euro bills are in Russian.

Nope. They are in Bulgarian which uses the same letters as Russian. (Actually Russian borrowed letters from Old Bulgarian).

Anyway thanks for the userbar!
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Oh Weather, I was just kidding. xD

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