[2016] The PlushieCon at GalaCon 2016.
TL;DR-version: pre-registration for plushies to be at the PlushieCon at GalaCon 2016 is now open under the User-Online-Registration link!

Now here's the real post:

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The PlushieCon at the anniversary GalaCon 2016.

This is the info thread about PlushieCon at this years' 5th anniversary GalaCon - with (hopefully) a lot of good answers to any questions you might come up with.  If, after reading this, you do still have any questions, don't hesitate to post them here - my team and I shall do or best to get you good answers.

What is it about?
It's simple: if bronies and interested visitors are meeting, why not their plushies, too? And this is exactly what we're doing at PlushieCon - letting the plushies have their own meetup, and this year, PlushieCon is not supposed to be sort of a "plushie museum" again as it was last year, but we've planned some program around it.  Additionally, there will be a beamer presentation of statistic data (e.g. number of plushies altogether, number of characters, how many per plushie maker, ...), and you'll be able to retrieve this data via a special WiFi.

PlushieCons were held at GalaCon 2015, WWU 2016 (a middle-sized inner german meetup with a tradition since 2012, too) and Brony Fair 2016 - and now, we're "back" in Ludwigsburg :approve:

On Saturday evening, plushies (hopefully many of them) are going to meet each other and gather around - at the main stage of the Forum Ludwigsburg!

Hand-in of the plushies will be possible on Saturday from when the doors are opened for the public until 19:00 (except for the Opening Ceremony, during Opening Ceremony, our counter remains closed); hand-out, however, will only be on Sunday. For more details, please see the "Q&A panel" below.

Important note: Only members of the PlushieCon team do have access to the plushies. This means: no one is allowed to re-arrange or touch the plushies on his own; either guards from GalaCon as well as PlushieCon team members will have a watchful eye on this. And, of course, each member of the PlushieCon team is fully aware about the high personal value a plushie has for its owner - we will handle your plushies with the utmost care and respect, this we do guarantee for with our names!

So far for a first survey - now let's go a bit more into the details: at the



Well - that's it for the time being.

Updates, e.g. for new questions or new information, will be posted by me either as a separate post in this thread and as addition in this start post here. For a better survey I'll separate the updates by horizontal lines.

And now:

Luna Bring in the plushies and let their Con begin!
Whoever might be wondering what PlushieCon is all about, is interested how it went since GalaCon 2015 or wants to see some statistics or pictures of past PlushieCons since then might want to have a look at http://www.plushie.m-l-g.info/ Twilight smile

Please don't be confused: technically, this is an area of our working forum board; registrations and postings are, however, not possible. For visitors, it is just a read-only-area, this was the quickest and most effective way to publish some information while we already had a board up running (which was only meant to be visible for team members, sewers and Con-orgas when it got started).
By now, we have about 100 pre-registrations for plushies at PlushieCon this year. I know that many plushie owners are considering contributing their plushies on short term, maybe in the last week before GalaCon begins.

You see: the PlushieCon team (and, in a way, the GalaCon orga team, too) has sort of a "goal": to collect more than 176 plushies. That's the number we had at Brony Fair in Berlin. We're even aiming to pass the "200" mark - but still 177 would be a good number (for the beginning).

You may now ask: "Why are you telling us this?" Let me try to explain:

You see, the pre-registration via the internet (http://www.boa-gc.m-l-g.info) in advance is a faster way for us and for you as owner of plushies to participate in the PlushieCon, but because our technician has to move his fancy computer technics and databases and stuff, the pre-registration will only be possible until July 24, hence one week before GalaCon.

Of course, yo may register at the spot at GalaCon, but this will need a bit more time, and other plushie owners might just have the same idea. This may result in longer waiting queues (instead of only the regular time we need for the hand-in of pre-registered plushies) on the computer terminal at the spot or with the team members, who have to ask you about our data. If a "swarm" of owners arrives at the same time, most of them will have to wait because we simply need to collect the data, enter it into the system, carefully taking over your plushies... this can't be accelerated too much, and because of limited space, we can't have too many volunteers working at the same time, they'd just be standing in each other's way.

To avoid waiting times for you as good as possible is why I'm advertising the pre-registration on our online forms in advance.

(Please note: this pre-registration is not binding at all, so if later you decide to give us not all the plushies you registered or none at all, there will be absolutely no trouble for you.)
Hey Plushiecon guys, I have a small problem, I had saved my PID on my laptop, but it died :C So now I don't have my PID, can I just show up and give them with their names so you can find them in the database or would you rather have me sign them up again so I have a new PID for you?
This is not a problem, please do not sign your Plushies again.
I'll send you a message Smiling
If someone finds a clerical error ,
he may like to kept him Wink
Actually stand: we have 188 plushies, if all come who were pre-registered. It look good, that we collect over 200 plushies this year - surely!

If you want to pre-register our plushies, be quick - in 2 days, the 24th of july, stops the pre-registration for the plushies!

After that time, you can only register our plushies direct on the GalaCon.
[Image: rd-octavia.png] Confirmed:

200 Plushies pre-registered!
GalaCon is over, and we from the PlushieCon - Tteam would like to know, if you liked the PlushieCon or if you're meaning, "that was booooooring". We aren't mad, if you see the PlushieCon as boring.

For that, we've build a feedback. One sidenote: You need a google account (it's a prevention for trolling, and a better sight for us) to fill the feedback.

If you had a idea for a PlushieCon, you can say that to us at the end of the feedback.

--> Feedback-link <--
But in this case the feedback can't be anonymous, what it should be someone has something to say something he disliked but don't want to piss of someone.
Already we (2 Persons of the Team PlushieCon) see them answers.

If someone says something he disliked, then i would know that - 'cause i can look, if it was our fault in the team, and then we can search for solutions.
Your answer isn't reducing my problem I have with your feedback system at the slightest.
I can't see any names in there. That's true!

If you don't trust me, try it with some friends - build a feedback with 1 or 2 questions, and activate the function that you can give only 1 post. then look, if you see anything.

The other way is to write a PM to Railway Dash - not me, 'cause he is Team Lead from the PlushieCon - and give him the feedback.

We only want to know, if we must do more work and when yes, where. We also learning from time to time to make it better; we try it - but, we can't know, if that, what we do, is good enough. That's why we choose to build that feedback.

i hope, you unterstand what i mean.
We have one fantastic number:

495 Plushies

were on the PlushieCon this year. It's over 3 times from the number what we have 2015 on the GalaCon (151 plushies).

That's a new record!
so close to 500 Surprised .... if I had known that on saturday evening, would have bought 5 small plushies just to read the next magic number  RD wink
Only a few people had one or more plushies, they will bring. I've had a non-registrated Florina Tart, that i buy on saturday - and i had so much to do, that i can't registrate her. Another volunteer had a plush, whitch was finished on sunday (it was by a sewer) - if that plush were finish at saturday, she will stand her to the others.

Next year, we'll break that record... it's in that time only a dream, but it can be true.
How many staff and how much time was needed to set up all of those plushies? Surely this has completely obliterated expectations and the plans Happy
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Time was about 4.5 hours in total (preparations started behind the "Iron Curtain" while Pony Jeopardy and the Cosplay Contest Award were still running on stage), with a max. of about 6 people working at the same time. Not all 6 were setting up plushies all the time because they had yet to work at the counter or transport the plushies backstage, and more than 6 couldn't work at once anyway since at some point, they'd just stand in one another's way.
I have 2 news for all - a good and a bad one.

The bad one first: it weren't 495 Plushies; discord try to troll me, so that i must make the whole statistics from ground up new. It were "only" 488 Plushies at least.

The good one: Have some extendend statistics from the PlushieCon 2016.

(Behind all spoilers are only that data, whitch is describe in the spoiler - title. I need all my free time for that - so that's all what it gives this year; next year, it don't give all that information (if i must work it manually out). )


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