List of national brony forums/sites/pages
Get here after a loooong time... sites updated :)

(08.04.2013, 11:39)AnsisMalins Wrote: Related:

Looks good - Thanks a lot! I was not aware of this - definitely a lot of usable data and... I can add meetups in my country as well (since we have at least three per week Happy ).

(08.04.2013, 14:51)Silver Broom Wrote: UK of Equestria forum is certainly the largest place online for bronies in the UK, I would recommend that first and foremost.
The FB & G+ groups also exist, I don't use them myself though so I can't really comment on them.

I heard multiple times about UK of Equestria from various sources - marked as verified and primary contact for UK. Thanks :)

(08.04.2013, 15:17)Stargaze Wrote: Ah, good idea linking that here!

The german entry is good for all who are capable of german, since the forums are open for guests as well and we had cases where unregistered people came over, just to participate and it went well.
However, people from elsewhere and no german skills that are in a vicinity with a meetup or regular's table because they visit family, friends or are just travelling the country could attend, but wouldn't be able to read the forums and thus lack the information. Translation programs are nive and all, but not perfect.

How big is the chance however?
I guess I'll add some information in english to the regular's table I organize in case some non-german speakers ever read the thread.

This was the basic idea of listing all EU brony forums... but you are right: not all forums have "English section", so foreigners can be easily lost. We once banned one girl from Germany, who moved to Bratislava, because she wrote using local native language but translated from german by Google translator - and was identified as spambot. Funny mistake (she was unbanned in a few days and "Spambot" is now her second nickname among CZ/SK bronies Wink ), but this can easily happened to everyone...

The sollution, that can do the trick is to have a section "Meetups with foreigners" (od similar) visibly on forum page and inside some simple instructions ("If you want to meet up with bronies in <country_name> write an email to/FB/G+/here on forum"). Every forum has own customs - this could simplify all the process.

And this is worth it - for example: recently, about 20 bronies from Dresden wrote on CZ/SK bronies Facebook page that they want to meet up in Prague. Although we still not have the exact date, small international meetups really works Smiling
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Its not anymore. We had the hugest shitstrom in our history and now its Also the facebookpage is pretty absent, since the pages admin is a closet brony and we never met him. He's not even registred in our forum.
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