May The Best Chat Win
Skype for work and EPCU, Google Hangout for all the CZQ & CZ/SK organisation activities. Google drive share and collaboration tools are just so worth it!
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For this year, we'll keep the volunteers on skype. But we can do a poll in the after-con feedback for next year.
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Skype for a RPG and the GalaCon - Volunteers chat, Telegram für a PnP -Rpg, the PlushieCon - TeamChat. If needed, i can switch to Ts3 - but either i don't have a need for that.
I find TS3 to be very uncomfortable since every time I use a new device or my IP changes it thinks I'd be a completely new person, also it's only aviable while I'm currently online, no delivery of messages when I rejoin. That's why I use it only when I really need to speak to someone. Most of the time I use Telegram because nearly all of my contacts use it, also it works fine cross-platform and has Pony Stickers which to me is the biggest selling point. After some hacking problems I completely dropped Skype for good. And WhatsApp, well, I've got 5 people in one Groupchat and can't convince them to switch because they aren't bronies and therefore my biggest selling point of Telegram doesn't work. Also I recently installed ooVoo, just in case I might need video chat in the future. With my MacBook I still have access to iMessage/FaceTime but since those are Apple devices only lots of people are locked out from that.
Got convinced from Telegram. Good choice if audio chat isn't needed ...

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