These are just some of the frequently asked questions we receive. If you have any questions that aren't answered below, please do make a thread!

Are tickets on sale yet and how can I buy them?
Tickets are not yet on sale. Once they are you'll be able to purchase tickets via our webstore found at www.freewebstore.org/BronyScot
Our webstore currently only accepts PayPal, however this doesn't mean you need a PayPal account as PayPal checkout allows you to do debit or credit card payments without signing up to PayPal.

We also accept Direct Bank Transfer upon request.

Can I purchase tickets on the door?
Sadly not. We are required to let the venue know how many people will be attending before the event happens, so ticket sales will end before the event. We will not be selling tickets on the door, so please make sure you order yours online as soon as you can.

Can I vend and how much do vendor tickets cost?
Of course! Vendor tickets are £45, this includes a table and entry for yourself. We offer helper tickets at a discounted rate.  +£15 for one helper or +£25 two helpers. You can also use the helper tickets as a means to share a table with your friends.

I would like to volunteer at BronyScot 2016, how do I go about doing this?
Please fill out the Volunteer Application Form. If there is anything specific you’d like to help out with, especially if it’s something leading up to the event, please send us an email at bronyscot@gmail.com.

Volunteers must be able and enthusiastic to help the convention. This isn’t a means of gaining free entry. The applications will be in two parts, an online form and a Skype interview conducted by one or more members of the Events Committee.

Can we consume alcohol on the premises?
You are not allowed to bring any outside food or drink into the venue. However there is a bar that serves till very late at night. Obviously you must be 18 or older and provide valid ID or look over 25 without ID. Once the bar does finally close, the hotel bar will be open to people with a room in the hotel. We do ask that you drink sensibly. The Venue staff reserve the right to remove any guests.

Will under 18’s have to leave early?
Luckily, this is not a requirement. Regardless of your age you can stay right until closing time!

Is there a minimum age requirement?
The event is a family friendly environment. However Under-16s are required to be accompanied by a responsible adult over the age of 18. Adults must also purchase tickets. Adults who are supervising Under-16s aren’t required to be stuck to their sides, however they must stay in the venue together and generally be able to be contacted if necessary. Adults looking after Under-16s are responsible in ensuring that they get home safely after the event has ended.

Do under 12's receive any form of discount?
Yup! Child tickets are available at a special lower price. Children must be accompanied by an adult with a standard ticket. 

I am a carer to an attendee with a disability who requires me to be with them during the event, do I Receive Free Entry?
Also Yes! If the attendee holds a National Entitlement Card with a +1 symbol we are happy to allow access for their carer free of charge. Once they have purchased their ticket please get in touch with us as soon as possible and we will make note that they require access for a carer. No additional forms need to be filled in, they just need to bring along their National Entitlement Card on the day. If the attendee in question is not a Scottish National please get in touch with us.
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