What's BronyScot?
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Welcome to BronyScot's EuroBronies' board!
We are Scotland's My Little Pony Convention

2014, 2015 & 2016!

Website: www.brony.scot

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Ever since the start we've had attendees from outside of the UK. Now that we are part of the EPCU proper and have our own space on the EuroBronies board we hope to encourage even more people from mainland Europe to attend.
BronyScot was born from the love of travel and adventure and we would love to see that idea spread to all. Scotland is a wonderful place with a lot to offer. Kilts, haggis, bag-pipes and that glorious angus beef. With breathtaking landscapes, lochs and castles it's a Country that is certainly worth a visit.

We get a wide range of creative bronies joining us each year for panels, workshops, vending and other activities, BronyScot is a whole lot of fun. We take great pride in the our music event, Rock Nessie, seeing as music is such a big thing in the fandom. We've had some some of the most popular English talent such as WoodenToaster and Elie Monty, our very own Scottish musician SketchySounds as well the incredible sounds of Norway's Injustrial. 

So be sure to check us out. We're currently working hard to prepare things for 2016 and will be making venue and date announcements very soon.
If you're interested in attending, vending or even taking part in a panel or two, please make a thread and let us know!

We have German and Dutch speakers on our team, so be sure to ask for help if you struggle with English at all.

For those not familiar with Scotland, here is a completely legitimate map of the UK.

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Hi, dear BronyScot team, welcome to the forums! 
Will be looking forward to hearing more about your convention :)
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