BUCK Announces Peter New, Nicole Martel, Merch and More!
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It’s two and a half months until BUCK 2016, and there’s so much still to do! So to kick things off, we’re thrilled to announce that the best member of the Apple family Peter New will be attending BUCK in April!
As well as Big Macintosh, Peter has a huge list of credits under his belt - including ‘Ian Vashti’ in Gundam00, and ‘Lunk’ in Powerpuff GirlsZ as well as many side-roles in movies, and TV shows. Peter is well known for bringing the party to all the conventions he attends interacting with attendees and guests alike - but as well as bringing his personality, he’ll also be bringing his knowledge of acting and writing to our main stage in a special VIP workshop to tell you about his methods and his inspirations - so don’t miss it!

Keeping the theme of guests going, it’s with a note of disappointment that we announce that Daniel Ingram has informed us that he will be unable to attend BUCK this year due to a busy schedule with upcoming projects at DHX.
Although it pains us to lose Daniel’s input from BUCK 2016, we will be making up the gap with additional guests - keep your eye out for more announcements!

On a happier note - one of those new guests is Nicole Martel, layout designer for a host of popular children’s cartoons including Friendship is Magic and Transformers Rescue Bots.
Nicole is responsible for the iconic composition we see in My Little Pony, setting up camera angles, props, and backgrounds to bring the viewer into the scene and draw their focus to the right places.
A hugely underrated role in production, we’ve invited Nicole to present a workshop at BUCK on what she does and how we see her work hidden in every scene of our favourite shows.

Lots of you joined us in November for the BUCK LDN Season 5 Finale meetup. Held at the excellent Red Herring pub (over two levels) we had karaoke, vendors, fun and the all-important Pub Quiz. We’ve just posted up the photos on our Facebook page, so go check those out! As an aside, we will be hosting a Pony Pub Quiz at BUCK too! Our community guests will be joining us as we hire out an entire Frankie & Benny’s to host it. You can join us by visiting our tickets page and grabbing a Guest Buffet ticket.

This year you can pre-order your merch from our new online BUCK store and pick it up at the convention from our friendly merch team at the Official BUCK stand. Our design team have been burning the midnight oil to bring you some excellent swag.

Our collectible limited edition challenge coin has returned this year with a new design. The quicker you order one the lower the laser-inscribed number will be. We also have a brand new product for 2016: Wall scrolls. A modern take on the popular japanese anime wall-hangings; ours features Dark Britty and the Tea Fighters. We’ve got some amazing t-shirt designs (and a special 20% Cooler one you can pick up in the ticket store), posters, badges and more. There’s even an SSC glow in the dark plectrum for the musicians out there!

But wait… there’s more!

We know that you all love to get some unique gifts and goodies at BUCK. This year we have some outstanding vendors coming along with a wide range of products and wares that will be available in our Vendor Hall. From plushies to art prints, ceramics to figurines, accessories to embroidery and lots lots more!

You should totally check out our BUCK 2016 Vendors Page on our website and look at all the mini-profiles for our current vendors, and we’ll be adding more as we go along!
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One of our vendors is even doing a workshop on the amazing Charity Quilt. These quilts have so far raised over £18,000 for charities. Jillah will be looking at the different styles, techniques and skills in some of the panels for this year’s quilt which will be auctioned in Europe at GalaCon; the first time outside the USA.

Ever wanted to do a workshop? This year you can! Our Community Workshop spots are 45 minute sessions dedicated to sharing the talents, skills and interests of our community members. If you think you have a great idea for one, all you have to do is email us with an outline of the idea, and answer a few questions on our google form. You can find more information about how to apply in our news post about it.

A bit more musically inclined? We’re also looking for applicants to perform a set on our Cadence Stage: the community musicians stage we started in 2014. Not only will you get to perform in front of a live audience, but we’ll record your set and send you the footage after the con. Simply send us an example of your performance, along with some relevant information about you, your group or band to our Music Manager whose details can be found on the Cadence Stage page. We’re particularly after things with a fun performance factor that are a bit out of the box.

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Speaking of out of the box… we welcome ‘Out the Box TV’ to perform live at BUCK. With a focus on adrenaline, wackiness and totally out there crazy stunts, you’re sure to see some real fun around the convention.

We’ll see you all soon!
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