[2015] Yet ANOTHER Silly American question~!
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I will be flying in to Struttguard Friday after noon...Just wondering How much € it would cost me to get there? And how costly it is to eat and Drink around there? I need to pull out Euro's before I leave Italy, my bank is rather...Vexing at times.

Thank you kindly for your time and any assistance ^__^
STR Airport - Ludwigsburg: 5 Euros
--> http://www.vvs.de/

Lunch: Depends on what you plan to eat. You can roll out of a restaurant for around 10 - 15 Euros ... in a definitely better quality as McD.
The venue features a restaurant. Prices are around the same margin. Quality is pretty high. Plenty of people liked the meals a lot.
Great thing about that 5€ ticket? Since the Stuttgart region has a transport association, that ticket is valid on almost all modes of transportaion from your origin to your final destination, as long as they make sense to get there (so no loops or insane detours or anything). In theory, as long as you keep going in one direction, you can use S-Bahn, regional rail, Stadtbahn, buses, the rack railway, or even the cable car.

The transport association has an English website here, including a guide for first time users. Probably a good idea to check that out, since unless you're planning on using cabs, rental bikes/cars or inter-city rail to get around, you're going to have to deal with the VVS in order to get from A to B.
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Euros are worth more than dollars, so it might be a bit more expensive in germany. Bottled drinks in supermarket could just be an euro, while drinks being served at a club or something (non alcohol) is mostly around €2,00 to €3,00 or so.

And it depends what food you're looking for, McDonalds meals are cheap, while in a restaurant you could plan to pay around €9,00 for a pizza or something similar. :P Food plates could vary between the €10,00 and €20,00. (I Paid €24,50 for my meal yesterday, some french fries, salad and steak.)
I like cats. That's all. (Coffee is pretty awesome, too.)
Restaurants usually have at least part of their main menu next to the door for bypassers to read.
Don't count on multilanguage menus however. If the restaurant's smart, they remembered that the Forum attracts internatonal guests ...

There's also a Subway closeby. Footlong comes between 5,50€ and 7€, extras not included.
For the meals,
Last year I took my dinners at the local train station, next to Ibis Hotel, there is a small restaurant where they do cheap but decent meals, with salad, pizza, hamburgers of fish nuggets. I had for a least 6€ for a decent meal with and hamburger and salad.

Next to it there was a café where I took my breakfasts. For ~3€ I had a croissant and a pretty big chocolate milk pack. I said big because never saw packets with almost half a liter of chocolate milk, at least where I leave Rdlaugh

And for lunch, as Stargaze said, there's a restaurant in the venue, I don't remember how much I paid last year but It was worth it, good quality indeed. It's also better because you don't have to leave the place to get some food, at least at lunch time.
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...and if you prefer fastfood for lunch there is always the food booth on the opposite side of the street where the venue is located at. They do make some pretty good burgers and stuff!
Ok...at flughafen...ON MY WAY Y'ALL!
hey appaguy, with your appahat, will you be attending again this year?
Another noteworthy thing to mention would be that most stores are closed on Sunday and you should probably stock up on goods before that.

...Oh, this is from 2015 Happy
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