BronyDays 2015 - Information & news
BronyDays - Edition 2015

Good morning you rookie or professional brony ! Today is a big day. Indeed, we have the pleasure to announce that the second edition of the BronyDays will be held...
Saturday, October 31st and Sunday, 1st November 2015 in Nantes:


The event :

- Saturday from 10am to 12pm (Pinkie Pie Style) !
- Sunday from 10am to 7pm.

The BronyDays 2015 is a european convention that will take place in France and will be fully bilingual : in french and in english. Two days of pure fun scheduled : games, art competitions, cosplays, Q&A with the guests, the legendary party and even more!

More informations about the activities and the guests to be announced.

Tickets and Prices

- Lady Banane ~ 45€

Entry on saturday and sunday

- Duchess Banane ~ 69€ (limited tickets)

Entry on saturday and sunday
Fast-lane for the entry
A Madame Banane gold medal to thank you for your generosity

- Empress Banane ~ 99€ (limited tickets)

Entry on saturday and sunday
Fast-lane for the entry
A Madame Banane gold medal to thank you for your generosity
A totally exclusive figurine of the sophisticated and refined Madame Banane


As for the location of the convention, it is no less than the place where the wazabi convention is hosted :

Salle de L'Odyssée
Le Bois Cesbron
44706 Orvault

All informations to get there are on our website!

Accommodation List

The convention being away from the center of Nantes, we have hotels for you :

- Ibis budget Nantes St Herblain
- Hotel Nantes Orvault Agora
- Hotel du Parc

There is also a youth hostel located at the Manufacture stop. Here's the link to the youth hostel website.

Do not hesitate to go to the Booking website for your research!


You wish to sell your creations and/or your goodies during the BronyDays ? You are more than welcome! You will soon be able to download the vendor's file on our website.
If you have any questions, please contact us at ( Keep in mind that vendors do not need to buy a visitor's ticket to enter the convention..

Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, please spread the word around you. The more people attending, the more fun!
Regarding the young'uns (below 18): they are of course welcome to join the convention but they have to come with an adult who is legally responsible for them.

Website :
Twitter :
Facebook :
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Welcome, Mares and gentlecolts for the launch of the Bronies Awards !

The Bronies Awards ceremony his the opportunity to reward your efforts to produce original content for our dear fandom.

Come and marvel by sharing your creations with us against a small oscar to wow your friends and put your name in our conventions' history.

More info on our website :

We can't wait to see your amazings creations. ;)
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We’re pleased to announce our first guest: WoodenToaster. Well known musician of the community, he’ll help you feel the wub in you!

Stay tuned on social channels for more announcements!
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Creators and artists from the community, we're pleased to announce that the vendor applications are now open! Our press application are open too.

More info ?

After a memorable show during the first edition of BronyDays, the friendly LaserPon3 will join us again to present a new "laser show" in collaboration with WoodenToaster!

Stay tuned!
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Maud Pie, represented by her original voice actress Ingrid Nilson, will be here at the Bronydays!

More infos :
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The BronyDays offer a carpool service so you don't feel lonely during the roadtrip.

This service is only available in french but its usage is very simple, don't hesitate to ask any questions regarding this service.

More informations here :
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The BronyDays are near, only 2 weeks before the convention, now is the right time to make a small recap.

The convention will be in the city of Nantes (France) from the 31th of October to the 1st of November. Click on the following link to know how to get there ;
This year, the theme is Steampunk. It will influence all the merchandising and also the cosplay contest.

A lot of guests will be attending the convention: We have Ingrid Nilson, the VA of Maud Pie, Lee Tockar & Jim Miller, but also a huge number of community guest such as LazerPon3 & Glaze! Visit our guest page for more details :

We also have some exciting and original activities you have never seen in any other conventions! Workshops, booths, Roleplays and the PARTY!!! You'll know everything about it here :

Don't wait any longer and book your tickets right here :

See you in France!
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The BronyDays team is happy to announce that we will have 2 new guests via Skype call !

Our first guest is Jim Miller. He worked a lot for the show as a storyboard artist since season 4, and also voiced some characters such as King Sombra. Go on, prepare your questions, Jim will be happy to to answer them!

The second one is Lee tockar. He also is a recurring voice actor, which voiced: Snips, Steven magnet, and more recently Gummy!

Our two new guests will be available to talk about the show, and maybe share secrets of the production (and some exclusive news? who knows!)

But don't forget that we also have a lot of other guests coming to our convention:
You’d love to have a talk with them ? don't hesitate, come to the BronyDays!
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Want to help a greater cause ?

Contribute to our charity auction !
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In order to make it easier for you to experience the convention, this app will give you access to the schedule, to a description of the activities, to the venue map, and a bunch of useful information.

To download it :
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