The PlushieCon: the big GalaCon-Plushie-Meetup 2015!
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The Big Plushie-Meetup at GalaCon 2015.

In a few hours, it will officially been announced by the GalaCon orga as one of this year's panels/events. Here's the appropriate news and discussion thread for it, it will be on this year's GalaCon:

The Big Plushie-Meetup!

What is it about?
It's simple: if bronies and interested visitors are meeting, why not their plushies, too? We all know about the high personal value that's represented by such a plushie, and it even multiplies when you see many plushies gathered together... besides, it simply is nice to look at. For hand-sewn plushies, it also provides an overview about the range of different kinds of plushies, personal styles of the plushie-makers and their creativity, their abilities - or, shorter: an overview about what people from the fandom are able to create in the plushie sector.

I first saw that idea, carried out by Anna, at Blackys Bar Meetup in March 2014 (please read more in the "Q&A-Panel" below), followed by two more plushie meetups at the Winter Wrap Up (WWU) Meetups in Wildflecken (Germany) in 2014 and 2015. This year, it's going to move on to the next step: to GalaCon 2015.

On Saturday evening, plushies (hopefully many of them) are going to meet each other and gather around - and not just somewhere, but at the main theater hall, at the main stage in the bright spotlight!

Collecting/accepting the plushies will be on Saturday afternoon and the early evening, return, however, can only be done on Sunday morning - that's just because available rooms and time doesn't allow anything different. Besides, on this year's GalaCon the Forum Ludwigsburg demands that it's cleared of all people on Saturday at midnight. Accepting the plushies, showing and returning them all in just one day simply isn't possible if we want to have some time for visitors, photographers and movie makers to visit and enjoy the plushie meetup. For further details, such as the timetable, please have a look at the "Q&A-Panel" below.

As you can imagine, such an event cannot be realized by just one person. Therefore, I'm in need of help and supply - and am officially starting the call for applies as volunteers at the plushie meetup, either via PM or here in this thread. Become a member of the plushie meetup team at GalaCon 2015! RD deals with it

Important note: Only members of the plushie meetup team do have access to the plushies. This means: no one is allowed to re-arrange or touch the plushies on his own; I'm getting guards from the Con-orga at my disposal who would intervene if necessary. And, of course, each member of the plushie meetup team is fully aware about the high personal value a plushie has for its owner - we will handle your plushies with the utmost care and respect, this I guarantee for with my name!

So far for a first survey - now let's go a bit more into the details: at the


[spoiler="How exactly is this supposed to work / how do you ensure everyone gets his plushie back?"]
We're getting a supply of numbered ribbon bracelets (which we use to mark the plushies) made of paper with an adhesive spot. Anyone who wants his plushie(s) to attend the meetup has to sign an exclusion of liability (please have a look at the next spoiler: "Legal Notices") - which is at the same time a "sign-up form" for each single plushie. Further on, we have a block of GalaCon officially stamped but otherwise blank papers on our desk.

Your plushie wants to be at the meetup? So this is how it works for you:
  • You fill in the sign-up form as far as you can (obviously, you can't fill in the signature of the meetup team member and the number your plushie is given), then you come with this form and your plushies to our accepting desk.
  • Each single plushie gets one of the numbered ribbons mentioned before. Don't worry - we won't stick it on the plushie's coat, instead we will wrap it around its hoof, leg, mane or the neck - depends on how large your plushie is and how it is designed.
  • The number on this ribbon is written on the sign-up form (which we will keep), into an "Attending Plushie List", where we will keep track of all attending plushies, their owners and, of course, the numbers given, and on one of the officially stamped papers mentioned before.
  • You are given this paper with the number (one number per plushie). Please keep it safe and well - this is your receipt, you are getting your plushie back on presenting us this receipt.
  • Now your plushie attends the plushie meetup!
  • On Sunday, you come to our desk again with your receipt. With this receipt, we will return your plushie(s) to you - thanks to the number there will be no doubt which one is your plushie.
  • The fitting line in our list will be struck out with a red pen (but will still be readable), and we will keep the numbered receipt.
  • All done!

It is, of course, possible that someone loses his numbered receipt. Oops... but we have this situation under control, too. On the sign-in form, we have your name, the name of your pony and the assigned number. With this data we will be able to find your pony - in that case, however, we must insist that you legitimate yourself with a passport, drivers license or something else like that because, you see, someone could come along: "lost my receipt", and demand a certain plushie to be his own whilst the real owner doesn't have a clue on what's going on. Nasty thought, I know... but we have to think of anything we can think of as possible before we start...[/spoiler]


Well - that's it for the time being.

I think best is: updates, e.g. for new questions or new information, will be posted by me either as a separate post in this thread and as addition in this start post here. For a better survey I'll separate the updates by horizontal lines.

And now:

Luna Bring in the plushies and let their meetup begin!

Update, July 3, 2015:

There's news:

The plushie sign-up form with liability exclusion is now online!

Very nice idea! I think we just need a tagging system so bronies don't take the wrong pony back, for example, there may be other people taking TY ponies like me. My idea is to put a small color bracelet with a little code or number and give the same code or number to each brony. It would be simpler in terms of organization.

But still, I like this idea and I'm looking forward to it! RD wink
[Image: eurobro-ricardofr-200.png]
I Think, that's not a Problem. As i see on another event, it goes with another System (taken an "bracelet" of a cloth tape with a self written Number on it) not soo good.

But, another Idea - for those, who d' like to had been a bit Safety: Take a Necklace for Puppies on our Plush and take there a adress Tag at it (the little cardiges, who can be taked at the Necklace, where's the Adress is in it, in case the Dog / Cat walk away).

At the End are only the "Plushie Meetup Team" the only persons, who give you our Plushie Back.
(28.06.2015, 00:21)Crash Override Wrote: I Think, that's not a Problem. As i see on another event, it goes with another System (taken an "bracelet" of a cloth tape with a self written Number on it) not soo good.

But, another Idea - for those, who d' like to had been a bit Safety: Take a Necklace for Puppies on our Plush and take there a adress Tag at it (the little cardiges, who can be taked at the Necklace, where's the Adress is in it, in case the Dog / Cat walk away).

I can make a Photo of my AJ to show you, who it looks with the Necklace.[/spoiler]

At the End are only the "Plushie Meetup Team" the only persons, who give you our Plushie Back.

Oh, I didn't think about it, sounds very good too, and more safe!

I have to found some small necklaces for my little two 7" plushies.
Oh if you can show me that would be nice!
[Image: eurobro-ricardofr-200.png]
Nice idea. I hope there will also be enough space for specators etc. to see the whole plushie glory.
(The location on WWU 2015 was "a little" narrow.)
Admin @ // Bronies Bayern e.V. // Meetup photography // German brony community and meetup culture

[insert subliminal message here]
While a plushie meetup may be sound like a neat idea at first, I personally think it's too risky. The chance of a participating plushie getting lost or being stolen is way too high, especially considering the demand plushies are in.
@ Geartight: i think, while it's been approved from the Galacon-Organisators, they have a Way found, that the Galacon say "Ok, we'll check that, if that goes."

I - for my person - think, it's a Test - if anything go wrong, the Galacon would never make that, and the Panelist didn't do that on a Event similar to the Galacon (only a way smaller - like the WWU). The WWU can be seen as a rehearsal for that; but, at the ending, we don't know how it's going out.

I'm say not, that you're right - but, i don't say that you're wrong. It's good to see, that people think theyr ways and say it.

[spoiler=A bit to that "problem", what can happen...]
If it goes a bit like the WWU, there will nothing go wrong (if you were there and see who they did make that, than you'll be maybe understand me. But, we can't say that it goes good. That's why i have the "Idea" with the Puppy - Necklaces (or, if they were Smaller, you can work with one for kitten).

I see that 2 Years on the Camp-Site Meetup, where 2 of my Plushies "walk around" - and came back, as i give them out. No dirt, no Humidity - dry and clean. That's why (besides, i had a pair of them already on a "Stammtisch", and they were lovely treated from the Persons, as they were they'r Plushies) i trust them People from the "Plushie Meetup Team".

You can say, that you don't trust in "Humans", but a proverb says:

"If you will be know, that you can trust a Person, You must trust her"
(German: Wenn du wissen willst, ob du jemanden vertrauen kannst, musst du der Person vertrauen. ) that's from Ernest Miller Hemingway - and it hat a bit true in it.[/spoiler]
I hope, that you can understand me - i'll try to understand you.

So, and now - the promised Picture of a "Test subject" (with Necklace):

[Spoiler=AJ WET Mane "Rarity Style" w. Necklace]
[Image: qnqp76.jpg]

High Resoultion link: Klick here
that's a sight of her - i know, she don't like to be "photograped", and my Smartphone is a bit do dark - but, what you see, is the "system" with the Necklace.

All allusions be back - i don't ordered her with socks, but became her with. The Manufacturer is "Varonya", and she will be as Vendor by the Galacon. nope, that's no surreptitious Advertising Applelie [/spoiler]
(I just don't get it why there has been no official announcement of GalaCon for the plushie meetup yet? Derpy eyes It was s'posed to be announced yesterday in the evening, I was asked to publish this thread (which had been sitting at the ready "in the cloud" for about a week already) so the Con orga had something to refer to, but now I have a look - and no official announcement Derpy eyes That's why there is still no thread in German on, only if you wonder. - Last night, I was too drunk... indisposable to check that out or to publish on, but now I see I hadn't to hurry anyway.)

Thanks for your replys! This way, I see there is a certain interest in this plushie meetup - I was afraid I'd be all alone there, with only a few plushies, but I think we'll have some plushies there... it's impossible to predict their number, maybe 20, maybe 200, maybe ober a 1000 - we'll just have to see.

(28.06.2015, 00:55)Leon Wrote: Nice idea. I hope there will also be enough space for specators etc. to see the whole plushie glory.
(The location on WWU 2015 was "a little" narrow.)

It will. The plushies will be collected and returned in a separated room, but the whole plushie glory will be seen in the theater hall, at the main stage!

(28.06.2015, 11:02)GearTight Wrote: While a plushie meetup may be sound like a neat idea at first, I personally think it's too risky. The chance of a participating plushie getting lost or being stolen is way too high, especially considering the demand plushies are in.

That's why each plushie will be labeled when we (the plushie meetup team) accept it for the meetup. Each plushie will get its own number, this number will be written on the sign-in form and onto a list of our own, and the rightful owner gets this number on a receipt, too - and plushies are returned only if the receipt is presented.

The sign-in forms aren't ready in their final form yet, so I'm not allowed to publish the link to the draft. But in any case, the owner will have to note his real name (not "Railway Dash" or "Crash Override" but the real names) and address (not for our personal interest but for the case plushies aren't collected - in this case, the plushies will be taken into care by GalaCon / Bronies Stuttgart e.V. and sent back to the owner on his expense).

If the owner looses his receipt, we can find the plushie by our list, but in this case, we insist the owner legitimates himself, e.g. by passport, drivers licence or another official document.

As for the necklaces: really a neat idea Twilight smile If someone wants to equip his plushie with such a necklace where something is written on it only the real owner knows, this is of course fine with us - we'll do the acceptation with the numbers anyways, but you're right: it's an additional piece of security.
I must Look; it can be, that i have one of the Necklaces (that was a bord with 6 Necklaces) for others in "Reserve".

In he most Times, specially the OCs or big Plushies can be ordered right to the Owner - that was too dangerous, to steal one of those. By the Smaller ones it can be Possibile - but it don't have to be. That's why i said that with the Necklaces; so the Plushies can be a bit Safer for the Owners to get them back.
I'd volunteer, but this will be my first galacon, so i'd better not (to much to see :P)

however i am more then willing to offer my flufflepuff for the meet!

i will make sure she is nice and clean for ya (she has been to a fiew cons and stuff and in in urgent need of a good scrub)
it's a handmade (partly by ripping apart a spagettihair pinkypie) plush with build in bluetooth speaker (wich can be turned off :P)
i am sure she will be more then exited to join...
only down side... i will have to do without my flufflepuff for a full day! and during the gala and stuff? O_O
wait, i changed my mind! your not getting her! i can't sleep without her! (bestest pillow ever!)
You must it Know; i'm a Volunteer (Volunteering the First Year - but that was my third Con), but i'm doing that if i'm must do (and if i must to watch over all Plushies, then it's so).

I'll bring between 5-7 Plushies with me to the Con. Thats what i will - at the end it can be 3 - 5 (if i forget a few). But Plushies as A Pillow? Then i need a Lifesize - Plush; then i have Big Pillows.
I guess I already put in a 'yes' for participating, right? Could be a hard day both being a staff member and being a plushie meetup member.
Thank you so very much Happy And the day won't be harder than my day... I'm on duty the whole time on saturday, I already know that. As for the staff member: 404 already got to know I want you, he's at work planning the staff shifts... and he hinted that maybe, maybe both duties can be united RD wink Just as you suggested when we met in May in Munich. It's even possible a "Badenser" would join you on the "combined" shift RD wink RD deals with it But 404 will tell both of you in good time, I don't want to spoiler too much.

Applications are open until July 19, two weeks before the Con - after that, I'll have to close them, double-check my schedules with 404 and publish the schedules to all my volunteers right in time, one week before the Con, just as I promised to do Heart

There's news:

The plushie sign-up form with liability exclusion is now online!

You see: it's bilingual, half german, half english. The content is the same in both languages.

Which part you fill in is your decision. At the beginning, the whole thing was s'posed to be in English but I said: at least half of GalaCon visitors will come from German-speaking countries so I'll made this form bilingual and everyone may fill in the language that suits him better. Besides, now everyone should be able to understand what exactly he is signing (not all Germans speak English).

On each sheet, two plushies can be signed in if someone wants to bring more than one plushie. Empty half parts of the sheets (which will be if someone brings an odd number of plushies) will be crossed out in red color by the plushie meetup team.

These sign-in forms are mandatory for your plushie to be part of the meetup. Not only both GalaCon and I have to secure ourselves from lawsuits of any kind, but maybe a plushie isn't picked up back in time. In this case, we have to know the owner of the plushie and where to send it. And maybe someone looses his receipt - in that case, we'll check the owner's identity with his passport, driver's licence or else like that to make sure he is the rightful owner of the claimed plushie, we will see the plushie's number and will be able to find the right plushie.

Of course, we are bound to the right- and lawful Privacy Agreements. After GalaCon ends, I'll give the forms to the Con orga (if they get demands in the Con aftermath) - they already have all your data based on your tickets anyways.

So anyone who wants may print out his sign-up form(s) at home and fill it in in advance - but of course they will also be available at GalaCon (as of now: at the information desk and at the plushie room; the plushie room will be signposted at GalaCon and mentioned in the Con guide).
July 19 → overdue. What are the results?
As of now, I've got 3 "combined" GalaCon/Plushie-meetup-volunteers and 4 "free" volunteers. Constructing the schedule should be done by the end of this week, I sent a request for GalaCon volunteer's schedules to 404 last night. I also asked for the panel timetable since two free volunteers asked they wanted to attend certain panels.

My guess atm is that I'll do and distribute the schedule on thursday this week Twilight smile
We'll see what is going on.

My Assingments are Clear - but only one of the Three Shifts are not so Clear as much. I can Think, that i Know what "the Evil Overbunny" will say with that one, but so long i don't know, that my thinking is right, so long i must wait. The Irony is, hat only 1 Panel this Year is intrested for me - and thats the "Plushiecon". It can't better go for me this Year.
(21.07.2015, 14:38)Crash Override Wrote: The Irony is, hat only 1 Panel this Year is intrested for me - and thats the "Plushiecon". It can't better go for me this Year.

That's nice to hear Twilight smile - and, in any case, you'll be a part of it Salute Can't fit much better now, can it? Twilight smile
That's what i mean. I don't oversee something while i Volunteer; it can't go better than i want. And i know, that i work with "Experts" in theyr business. RD wink
This was a triumph
I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. ...

Now it's done: GalaCon's first PlushieCon has happened, and as the responsible panelist, I guess I should write some lines about it.

First and foremost, I want to stress the point that PlushieCon wouldn't have been possible and would have never happened without my team - it has been a pleasure and honour to be in charge of this team, they did most of the actual work, came up with improvements and new ideas, and I'd love to have you back for next year's PlushieCon again: Crash Override, Meganium, Lux_Pony, Monchi5, Jake the Changeling, Wydec, spectreid and Risingstar!

For those who wonder how many plushies actually have been there: there were exactly 165 plushies, all of them ponys in some way except for one Angel Bunny. We had the main theater room of the Forum Ludwigsburg for PlushieCon, some people said it looked impressive - but there still can be many, many plushies more, I bet we can even handle a four-digit number of them!

If you want to know how many Fluttershys, Rainbow Dashes, Lunas, ... there were: I'll give you just our internal list of the plushies, I just deleted the owner's names and added the plushies that were given to us after the official check-in ended. The line numbers are the plushie's numbers - each plushie was assigned its very own number and labelled with it so we could find it back out and hand it back to its rightful owner at any time. There you go, it's a simple Excel list: clicky-click. - I just realized the list on my mobile hard disk drive (we were using one of GalaCons computers) isn't exactly up-to-date, after I took the last filecopy, about six more plushies arrived... sorry, I don't have the absolutely latest file version here on my private HDD.

If someone would ask me about the most unique plushies: we had a LyBon (or is this "LyraBon"? Derpy eyes ) as seen in the episode 5x13 "Do Princesses Dream of Magical Sheep?" (it belongs to a brony from the Netherlands, I'm allowed to tell this), and we had "AppleDash" - no, I'm not joking. There was a plushie that was both Rainbow Dash and Applejack at the same time, it kinda looked like as if someone had tried to beam a Rainbow Dash and an Applejack from one point to another and the transporter beams were mashed up together... now that's really unique. It belongs to a brony from the United Kingdom, and he hopes he can show "AppleDash" (actually, I gave this plushie this name; on the registration form, both RD and AJ were ticked and marked together) to Ashleigh Ball if she's ever on the same convention as he and have it signed by her. - Sorry, I took no photos since I had to work and only have a pretty cheap camera, but others took literally thousands of photos so they should to be found somewhere on the internet. - edit: some photos, one featuring LyBon and Appledash, can be found right here.

PlushieCon was marked as a panel in the Con-Guide, and technically, I was the panelist. Now some people wondered what kind of "panel" this was, what could have been done there... basically, it was just a come-together and gathering of the plushies, showing them all together to the public, showing the various kinds of them, from reeeeally big to very tiny, from official merch to the different kinds of hand-sewn ones - just having them all together. I admit there's not much else that can be done at such a "panel"; obviously, you can't have the plushies singing or dancing or telling tales of interest or having them do something entertaining at all. But many visitors just enjoyed to watch the plushies, their cuteness, their uniqueness... and it was a chance to relax from the gala or the gala-party, to just sit in the audience, talk to some friends in a friendly environment. - But maybe my team will come up with some ideas how to make this a "real" panel for next year... they already have ideas how to improve the hand-in/hand-out process, the registration, the whole handling... they're literally busting with ideas! Next year, visitors also will be allowed closer to the plushies (not close enough to actually touch them, of course).

Some people noticed the rainbow-colored arrangement of the plushies. Credits to this idea entirely go to Meganium - it was his idea to sort them up by their color to create a "plushie rainbow", and he and Risingstar did the entire setup themselves (Meggy even shooed me away! But I do trust him so this was okay with me) which took them something between one and one-and-an-half hour, I believe.

Was it safe to contrubite the very own plushie to this thing? - Yes, it was. On Sunday, we were able to return each and every single plushie to its rightful owner. At first, two plushies were left unclaimed, but then the orga crew announced them at the end of the Thiessen's panel; a small Pinkie Pie was claimed immediately, and Czequestria mascot Libuše (Libussa in english, they told me) maybe an hour after that. We had no lost plushies, no complaints from owners, no damages, no casualties... everything went practically perfect (thanks to my great team; every single member worked way more hours than I scheduled for them to do!), and this was only the first time ever such a PlushieCon was held at a convention of this size!

It makes me kinda proud even Equestria Daily wrote an article about PlushieCon, and it surely will make GalaCon's head orga, Saij, gleam with joy. After all, it was him who saw plushie meetups at smaller meetups in Germany, and it was him who requested me to do a plushie meetup at GalaCon - so this whole thing was sort of his personal project, too. Sethisto wrote in his headline about a tsunami of plushies - very well, it surely can be topped so this "tsunami" will just look like a small splashing wave!

We even managed to have Michelle Creber, BlackGryph0n and Monique Creber to have a look on it - I got the impression they liked it and were glad we told them about this little show, no one had told them before, and so, they had an exclusive PlushieCon tour after Michelle's and BlackGryph0n's show on Saturday evening Happy

So, will there be another PlushieCon at the 5th anniversary GalaCon next year in Ludwigsburg? Yup, you bet! I already got the request (or was it more of an order or command? Hmm... RD wink ) from GalaCon's orga team for PlushieCon 2016! So I look forward to see all of you again in summer 2016 in Ludwigsburg - and let's top the plushie number of this year; say, by a factor of maybe three, four or even five? We'll see...! :approve:
It was a Honor to work with All of the Team - Members of the "Plushiecon"; it were a Honor, to do the Same next Year.

I hope, we find Ways, that we can be stuffed better Next Year and i'm on Positive Ideas, that we can make it better and Safer for all. All of us are work on the Things, that we see, what we can make it better. I for my Person work for the Con; and if i don't must work as Volunteer, i work for the Panelist. First Priority: No Fails. And we did it - we don't make great Fails (only little things by the Hand-in, noting great), so that we can work on all.

I'll Hope, we see us all at Galacon 2016 - and make the Plushiecon better!

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