The PlushieCon: the big GalaCon-Plushie-Meetup 2015!
Image by IronMetal. Brony's name is Celestia Pan.
See here:
It shure must have been an awesome sight, I couldn't take a look myself due to my GalaGuard shift, but the pictures look amazing! 165? It looks like a lot more. I was wondering how you would set them up, if you just greate groups or sort them by character but the rainbow setup is an awesome display, good choice!

hm 165, that means I made about 6% of a panel, count me in for more next year !!!
Brohoof /) (\
Ok, i made "only" 3.6% (6 Plushs), if i'm right...

We'll see, what we can do - but first, we'll check, what we can do better for the next Plushiecon™.
A Bit Late, but it Can be Important for any User here: the Statistics, who many from a Pony were on the Plushiecon.

Please - i don't have Procentual Facts; only the "naked" Numbers.

The Most of the Plushies are Selected by the quantity, if they are registered; many categories are also alphabetically sorted.

[Spoiler=> Plushiecon Oversight < ]

[spoiler=" Various Mane / BG-Ponys"]


We aren't too good that Year - a little Data-Problem appeared us; so we have 6 registered Ponys, but we don't know, who they are Fluttershy sad Late, we became 15 unregistered Canni's (lying; that are one of those, we throw it in the ending-ceremony) - so it were completly 165 Pony's (3 of them are unregistered, who came after / while we build the "Plushie-Rainbow", in). [/spoiler]
Thank you for counting them out! Twilight smile

I simply didn't have a chance to do that due to my RL... "as usual", one might say... but I can say a different thing: preparations from my team and me for PlushieCon 2016 are already running! Twilight smile

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