Help for a silly American
I've already spent near 900 Euro on this trip with hotel, air fair, and super-special-awesome ticket. When I'm there, I'm working for no one. My normal "job" has a pretty tight leash on me as it is. Before its all said an done I'll probably spend near 1500-2000 Euro on a less then a week trip to Germany, Thats more then my two week trip to Ireland and Wales.

And in Demon Bunny's defense, I've been to enough con's to know how stressful it is to try to make sure as many people are enjoying themselves and things are going smooth. That's why the most I will ever do at a con is host a panel or something(Specking of that I need to submit those soon don't I..Drat...) unless I see someone in need of a hand with a line or something. I will not be official tied to a con's operations. Buck that... Eeyup
I know^^
I couldnt visit a Con without working for it.
Even in my off-time I work as a volunteer (chess), because i like to make others happy. Eeyup
It just destroys my holidays (11 out of 16 days i work during eastern and i like it).
Besides 404 is actually a kind person, so you can have some fun with him :P

Disclaimer: So i even worked harder to make you happy and have some fun during your Con :)

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