HWCon forum
404 compliant, thank you very much for adding our convention to the Eurobronies forumlist!

In this forum we will make our announcements.
You can find the latest news about our convention on our social media accounts as well.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HWConvention
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/HWCon/628658407177599
HWCon news page: http://www.hwcon.nl/en/news

[Image: VUOGzYXA_400x400.png]
Well, welcome Hearth's Warming Con to Eurobronies.org. This is the least I could do to help.
I'm really looking forward to February, hoping for a good start into the 2015 convention season at Hearth's Warming!
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Well 404, i will try my best to reach this goal as a volunteer Happy
No, finally a HWCon forum Fluttershy grin
So it is much easier to get in contact with the team

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