Poll: What is the mlp dub like in your country?
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Mlp dub in your country
(02.04.2013, 17:45)DehiXeM Wrote: I think it depends on the animations. Ten years ago I would've said yes, the voices for female characters are very girly. Nowadays I'm not sure, I don't really know about little kid's shows.

How about shows for 6-12 year olds and above that?

I've always watched Cartoons and even some dubbed Anime (whatever made it to TV here), so I kept a rather good overview. Thus I guessed there might be a chance some people else did as well.
Well, I did watch the Czech versions of the songs. Most of them I found hilariously wrong, and Poney Pokey was translated to Pony rotation - they literally sang the word rotation in: "Do the Pony Pokey Rotation!" I would like to see the guy who shot down his brain during the translation! Fluttershy grin
But as soon as I began to listen to This Day Aria in Czech, the desire to bang my head against a solid wall kicked in. It HURTS!!! Facehoof
Btw, a few friends of mine are working on a swiss german version of mlp. Currently they are making try outs but I don't know when or if they are really going to record.
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Bernü Swiss German or Zärcher Swiss German?

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Im not sure. I think Twilight's gonna have a Zürcher accent and Fluttershy a Bärner accent. It depends on the ponies charakter which accent they will get.
ah damn not accent I mean dialect
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(27.12.2012, 01:52)Rainbow Sparkle Wrote: The german dub isn't perfect, but it's ok.
The Flim Flam Brothers Song is really awesome Twilight smile

No, it's not. You know why? Because neither Flim nor Flam are fifteen but the dub made them sound like that. Same with the Polish version. But I'm only saying this because this is one of the three songs from the show where I find the dub accuracy being a big deal since the song has a great importance to me.
Surprisingly the Czech dubbing, being not good at all, got the voices of F&F very accurately - the episode will be reprised this week so I might upload a video then. I also haven't heard Czech Derpy yet so I'm pretty curious.
There have been a few people ranting that Czech translation of cider is all wrong, a major fail etc. because they translate it as jablečné víno, apple wine. That is the actual Czech term for hard cider so if anyone claims it's a bad translation, don't believe them. Cider, as in the non-alcoholic way, is mošt in Czech. It's a monosyllabic word and it would be very hard to chant. It wouldn't sound natural at all. Some countries translated cider as apple juice, but the Czech word šťáva is more commonly used for squash. That would be a way bigger fail.

I watched Family Appreciation Day earlier today. Season 2 came up with a new translation for CMC, still being horrible: Rytíři značek krásy, meaning Knights of beauty marks.
It's really sad thinking dubbing had a great tradition around here and series like Simpsons and Friends used to win awards for that. Now everything is about budget.
Slovak and Polish dubbing are sort of acceptable substitutes for Czech speakers, Polish songs in Season 1 were great.

Also I watched whole S1 with Finnish dub and all songs from S2... It was so-so. First I was amazed because it at least wasn't a total ear-rape. Also, they really got Rarity right, Art of the Dress turned out amazing, but then her song in S2 got sorta butchered, apparently having been recorded in a hurry. Pinkie Pie... whenever I put the video out of focus I can't never tell it's Pinkie speaking because the voice doesn't fit at all, and the songs came out pretty bad, as well as Fluttershy's. I understand it's hard to get those two right but it's like they didn't even try to find a fitting voice.
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(03.04.2013, 17:32)SilverTongue Wrote: That's interesting... In the Finnish version Spike's VA is the one that does Misty!

Well one of the Spike VAs anyway, there was also another VA For Spike in the first season (ep. 6-15). And they had yet another VA for the second season (at least the beginning of it, haven't seen it past ep 8).

Personally I think, the Finnish dub could be better, but it could be much much worse. I'll tolerate it, but probably would skip any DVD releases of it (except the "Ticket Master" one, which I already own).
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