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(03.06.2014, 17:46)Silver Streak Wrote: Heyo from dark, frozen north some call Finland - The Mordor of Scandinavia (which itself is the Mordor of Europe).

I decided to pop in and register after waking up to the revealation that the Crystal Fair's just around the corner. I do hope I can attend as the con venue is just a couple of kilometers away from where I live - I hope the slim possibility of having to go on a work related trip won't bust my plans Derpy eyes I frequent a couple other pony forums but with the action slowly dying and the user pool stagnating I'm looking for new pastures and I've yet to come to regret making new acquaintances. What goes on in my life? I work full time as a management consultant in the field of business analytics and corporate performance management and am trying to scrape my second master's thesis together. My free time is spent doing random sports, fishing (weather and season permitting), reading, arguing on the internet and playing games. I'm not a die-hard must-win competitive gamer but I do enjoy going down fighting and even the occasional victory. I play all types of games as long as it's not sports or anything related.

What else.. Hobbies? MMA, dozen-for-a-dime fantasy/scifi lit, Islay whiskeys and good beers. Very seldomly (~one a month?) I might enjoy a good ecig called
itaste vtr or a decent bowl 'o pipe tobacco.

Best pony? A tough call between Flutters' and Woona. Twilight is out of the competition ever since s03e13.

Looking forward to chatting with ya!


You a playin' pony? Add me on steam, the icon's just under mah avatar. Luna
I am really glad to be part of the community and taking part in the thread..Hello guys.. I would love to join you..
I became a fan of MLP when I was about 10 years old and started collecting them at the same time. My collection of MLP figures is quite huge. At 1000 I lost count so I've no idea how big it is. Unfortunately, most of my collection resides in boxes, but some ponies are always on display. When I saw the FiM show for the first time I was already crazy about anime and games and in the show the ponies were everything I always wanted them to be. So the show slipped quite naturally into my life.

In my daily life I'm advisor Marketing & Communication at an Institute for Lifelong Education in the Netherlands, besides being the chair of Hearth's Warming Con of course. In my free time I like hiking, backpacking, swimming, writing, drawing, learning Japanese and reading (especially SF and manga) as well. And I'm a cat person. Last but not least: I've got a fascination for physics and astronomy. That pretty much sums it up.

Best pony: Twilight Sparkle as she reminds me somewhat of myself. And Wind Whistler, but I'm not too sure if anyone here knows what her personality is like.
Hi, I'm Railway Dash (currently aged 38) from Germany. In real ligve, I'm a railroad engineer (a "train driver", hence my name) on the S-Bahn Rhein-Main around Frankfurt (Main). I've been dedicated to rail traffic since I was 9 years old, it all started with the tram of Cottbus (where my grandma lived) and later expanded on the railway. I try to visit Praha one time a year - only for the purpose of going around there by tram, metro and Esko trains and watching how the whole system develops over the years. The main problem I face in Praha is the language barrier... I'd like to have more contact to the employees of the dopravní podnik hl.m. Prahy, but since I don't speak enough Czech and most of Praha inhabitants don't speak enough English or even German, I don't seem to be able to get into real contact :shrug: I do have a contacts person since 2012, but he is (or better was since he has officially retired) "only" responsible for the main maintenance facilities (UDDP), not for the vehicles itself. Maybe as a side effect of my registration here, I may find a contact who can help me as a translator in Praha... we'll see.

But enough of my real life.

I'm a brony since fall 2012. Until today, I was only registered on one main brony board (, where I'm a part of the team since November 2013) and two smaller and... ahem... "special" boards Applelie since I simply lack the time necessary to actively follow more boards; that's also why I didn't register here until now.

But on GalaCon 2015, there will be an event hosted by me, and I have to announce it to as many visitors as I can (and look for volunteers because I can't do it all on my own). The GalaCon orga team is going to announce the panels and events on GalaCon soon, and as soon as they do, I shall post a topic here where I introduce "my" event - that's why I registered on this board today, I will prepare the opening post for my event thread and publish it as soon as the time is there.

Aside from that, I doubt I will be very active here... since I, as said before, simply lack the time to follow much boards due to my real life.

If you want to know more about me, ask me something or somehow else wish to contact me, don't hesitate to send me a PM Twilight smile It may well take a day or two until I find the time for an answer, but you'll get an answer in every case.

Friendly greetings, Railway Dash Twilight smile
So, hey, a few of the volunteers of this years Galacon will already recognize this name, as I did an elaborate and emotional post in the Galacon forum. But let's talk me:

My name is Darian, I am German and currently working in a cinema. I enjoy my shows, like, of course: MLP, but also Adventure Time, Regular Show, Harvey Beaks and many more. I linked my steam and skype on my profile, be sure to hit me up if you want to! Best Mane6 is Fluttershy, best Mane3 Scootaloo and best other Pony is Trixie. Best Princess is M.A. Larson. Talk to you soon, I guess?
Greetings, everypony!

I have noticed this thread where everyone introduces themselves, so I thought... why not?

I am Humanarian, a brony guy from Russia. It's a pleasure for me to be a part of this amazing community. In real life, I'm a programmer, but also have ten years of music school behind my shoulders. In my free time, I try to better my skills in different fields: animation, drawing, singing, fanfiction writing, poetry and other things. Speaking of which... I have achieved some good results in poetry, good enough to hold a panel at the GalaCon this year! I hope to reach better results in the other fields too, so I could contribute to the wonderful art collection of this community.

My acquaintance with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic has started with me seeing a few seconds of "Babs Seed" song in some other guy's video. After that, I had searched for that song with the words I could make out. So, I had found the song. Listened to it. Then watched the whole episode. Then a few other random episodes. And then I was like: "Ah, what the hay?" - and watched everything from the beginning of Season 1. Just as many of the other bronies, I had been amazed by the level of the creativity within this fandom. And then I knew for sure that I don't want to leave.

However, I must also mention that I am a huge fan of the other Hasbro show called "Littlest Pet Shop", as my user icon and nickname suggest. And I am saddenned by the fact that it is so underrated, despite having been done by the very same studio, starring a lot of VAs from MLP:FiM and having the much more various musical numbers. Indeed, in Littlest Pet Shop, there is a musical number of almost any musical genre.

But I digress. I believe, my introduction can now be considered complete. Once again, it's a pleasure to meet all of you and I'm looking forward to spending time with all of you, awesome bronies.
Hi!  Salute

I'm Bowie Worshipper but IRL people call me Sarah. I'm 20 and I'm a french psychology student. I'm really new to MLP but I'm passionate about conventions so I applied as a volunteer for GalaCon 2017! I'm spontaneous and live for crazy experiences. For example, my flatmate and I love to go hitch-hiking when we need to travel. My passions, apart from conventions, include theater (that I've been practising for 12 years), music, psychology, and meeting new people. RD wink
I'm a proud strong cheeky unafraid young woman. LGBTQI+ rights are really important to me as part of the community.
I aspire to be a safe person to be around and trustful. I spend my time analyzing situations and trying to find the right way to react, that's how I experiment life so far, and it's kinda fun. RD deals with it

So, eh, pleased to be here, I can't wait to get to know all of you!
Looking forward to GalaCon 2017! Heart

Bowiely yours,
Sarah ~
Hey there.

My name is Tom and i am from the great germanyTwilight happy
There is not much to say about me here, i rather prefer to know you all the old fashioned way
I am here, manely to help with the Galacon2017

So, have a nice day
(11.06.2017, 07:53)Bowie ϟ Worshipper ★ Wrote:  I'm really new to MLP but I'm passionate about conventions so I applied as a volunteer for GalaCon 2017!

I have to say... it's amazing that this fandom still get new passionate members Twilight smile
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Hello everypony  Happy
My name is Jana, I am a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher from Germany.
My husband introduced me to MLP a few years back and we have watched the whole series (and the movie  Twilight happy ) multiple times. We do listen to the music quite often too and even started to learn a few songs (him on guitar, me on vocals) <3
We've heard a lot about Gala Con but since my husband doesn't want to go (he's not much of a people person Whining ) I applied as a volunteer this year to check it out for myself and maybe convince (bully/blackmail) him to go next year  RD deals with it

I am really looking forward to meeting everypony and becoming a part of the Gala Con Cheerilee See you guys soon!
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Su'p Everypony !!  RD deals with it 

I'm DashieFan Eurostyle. For those who have a Discord account I am known simply as Dashie Fan. RD wink 

I live in the United Kingdom and I am basically a newbie in this forum. So for now you'll call can call me " Newbie Dash " if you so wish because … well … I am !! Happy 

Truth be told it's been a maze trying to activate and personlise my page but with a help from a friend who also lives in the UK ( Galop Crush ) sorting it out. 

Now not sure what to say on my first post really so I'll keep it sort and sweet. I need friends !! I'd like to say Bonjour, Hallo, Hej or wherever in Europe you guys and gals are from, talk about how you entered the Pony World, talk about the past seasons of Friendship is Magic ( But not Season 9. Because that would leek out Spoilers !! Thank you very much finding out on Twitter that Cadence was pregnant before watching " The One Where Pinkie Knows " )  Twilight: No, Really? 

So in closing hope to meet and greet you all very soon.  
Brohoof 's to all 

DashieFan Eurostyle.
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Was easy to spot. You're not that young any more as in your first introduction. *g*
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