Introduce yourself
Hi there !

That's a nice forum you have here. Mind if I come in ? =)

So, I'm a 24 years old brony. I'm french, living in Paris. And I'm working in health research (like against cancer and stuff).
Other than that, I'm a brony for almost three years now. I'm typically the kind of geeky-nerdy average brony guy you can meet. I love cartoons : Bravestwarriors/AdventureTime/AtLA:LoK/..., I used to be a huge manga/anime fan (I should have one of the most complete collection on Kei Toume's work), I like tv shows such as dr who/GoT/TheOffice/... And I love buying tons of MLP paraphernalia =)

I love meet-ups and cons. So you should see me at Buck, Galacon (or Bronycon), bronyDays and maybe crystalfair.
I also went to Bronycon last summer with Eldanaï from the Bronydays staff. And (I hope) they know I'm here if they need any help with the con =)

Don't know what else I should add. Oh yeah : Rainbow Dash is best mane 6 !
Greetings everyone,

I go by the name Sundance, Sunny or Dany called by my friends. I´m about to become 26 years old. I just finished my second traineeship, now I can call myself Technical Assistant for Graphics, Design and Advertisement (finished my first traineeship with a degree and overall average grade 1,9) as well as a Professional Bookseller.

I applied at GalaCon 2012 as guard and watched over the VIP´s room. I´m used to big cons since I started in 2009 as official maid at the DoKoMi´s Lucky Chocolate Maid Café which was under my lead as official headmaid and organizer since 2011.

I applied for the upcoming GalaCon again as guard though hoping I can put better use to a talent: I´d really love to create the buffet for the elegant evening event if there´s going to be one.
I like cooking and baking a lot which is why I opened a thread in the german forum where you can find recipes and step-by-step-guidance to recreate and learn how to cook and bake.

You already know my fiancée, Stargaze. If you have any questions don´t hesitate to ask him or me. We´d be glad to help you in any matter.
(30.12.2012, 18:02)Sundance Wrote: I applied for the upcoming GalaCon again as guard though hoping I can put better use to a talent: I´d really love to create the buffet for the elegant evening event if there´s going to be one.

+1 for that, I know first hand that this would be worth it! Pinkie approved


Oh, and since I'm posting here anyway, I guess it doesn't hurt introducing me too.

Most call me 404 or compliant, suit yourself. Most notably about me is probably my age, til Galacon 2013 I'll break the 40 years barrier. Duh, like I care.
Second notable is that I've picked Angel as avatar back in 2011, sticking to it since then. If you were on Galacon 2012, you might remember me by my Angel t-shirt.

In real life I'm an industrial software developer specialized on image analysis, single, and living roughly in the center of Germany. Right where that boringly empty spot is. Got brony in summer 2011 by seeing just one single RD vector, and somehow recognized the similarity to Craig McCracken's style, thus giving it instantly a chance no matter what target audience its supposed to have.
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Ah, why the hay not? :)
Hi everypony!
I come from Prague, Czech Republic. My name is Václav Novák, age 26. It will be few days until my first brony anniversary (which actually started as an attempt to troll my roommate with stupid, childish show for little girls and convincing him that I like it. Oh silly me.) The fella on my avatar is Crystal Craft, my OC.

In the community, I am (with Jamis, who is registered here too, and few others) trying to do my best as part of the Czech meetup organization team. For a living, I work as tech support and Linux server administrator.
Czech brony
I'm Melody, 17 years old, from Madrid (the sunny sunny SPAIN!)

Been pegasister since... well, since the firts day ^^ I love ponies and making happy other people; and when both things are together...WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII <3

Now I'm learning how to make ponyplushies and I plan to go to GalaCon 2013 *ifIhavemoney...* Wish I see you there!
Hey, my name is Julian.
Im 20 years old and live in Austria. Currently im studying philosophy at the university of vienna and maybe something I.T.'ish later on.
I first stumbled aross the show while i was play a game called "Team Fortress 2" and people started spraying ponies like crazy on the walls. That kind of got me into it for a while but after watching it i stopped because as good as the show is and as how much there is adult humor in it too it just wasn't interesting enough to watch on a perma-basis.
But just recently i came across all those brony fanvids and the creativity and devotation of the fans really hooked me up, and since im kind of a hipster anyway i joined the herd! Its great to have a chance to be within a community that gives you the chance to meet open-minded people from all over europe!
I know those are pretty bad reasons to join the herd but hey; bash me at the gala for it (-;
Well, since this topic is here, may as well make use..

Apparently my names Daniel, as the documents say and I'm around 26 (d'oh!), from the Beer country, otherwise called Czech republic and hogging an international software consultant position.

Haven't attended a Brony/Pony-'con yet, but I'm definitely down for Galacon, possibly BUCK too if I find either an adventurous soul from CZ/SK team or some well-networked friend in the UKoE to get me into the group spirit :p

The only thing I do at the moment is nag on CZ/SK forums about the Galacon to bump the thread up and hopefully more and more interest will be attracted.. more the merrier! Otherwise I do paint custom blind bags, althou "custom" means couple of cuts with a scalpel to get rid of factory defects and a little bit of miliput here and there, just for my own leisure and relaxation.

Eaaaagerly awaiting Gala as that will be The-Best-Night-Eveeeer!
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Now that I am activated and the board is back online, let me introduce myself Twilight smile
My name is Martin, I'm from Jena (Germany) and I'm actually 21 years old. At the moment I'm in an apprenticeship to become a forwarding agent. When convention time starts this will be finished.
Last summer I hadn't the chance to go to any conventions, but at least there were a lot of smaller meetups during the whole year (starting in February with only 4 people our thuringian meetup-group has grown to about 20 people who meet regularly). This summer I'll definitely attend GalaCon where I also applied as a guard.
That's it for now, if you want to know more, just ask ;)
Time to introduce myself too...

Jaroslav by name, living in Prague (Czech Republic) and 31 years young Wink accidentally found MLP in May last year, when I was searching for something on YouTube. It took just few days to became brony and besides Equestria I found the whole new world of friendship here on Earth - with Darm and other fellows we are trying to do our best fo Czech and Slovak brony community.

Eight of us visited Galacon last year, so if you were there and met Flutterguy in gala cosplay ... YAY, it was me Fluttershy grin Until today, many of our brony meetings include telling stories from The Best Night Ever in Stuttgart Happy so more of us will come this year for sure.

Currently working as a network and Windows server administrator with occasional White Hat jobs ... and enjoying life Smiling
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Ahh, what a nice place.

Time to introduce myself too.

My nickname is Mon, VictoryMon (not VictorymoM as other forums thought at first). My former nickname was Veritas, but thats a long story.

My real name is Karsten, my friends just call me Kalle. I´m a 32 year young Bronie from Germany. WEST Germany. Not that this could be important, but I just want the people to know that ;)

I´m working for the Deutsche Bahn as a logistician, so its my job to support and organize engineers when there is trouble.

Some people may (or not) know me as a Cosplayer. Anime and Manga was and is a big part of my hobby.
I watched the first episodes after I found jokes about it in a webcomic.

I hope to join the staff of this years Gala. And to have a good time there.
Location: somewhere between Borington and Dullville. In germany. RD wink
Hi, I'm James. 17 year old from Blackpool, England.
I am one of the crew registry and an executive runner for BUCK 2013.
I first got into MLP when it was about halfway through series 1, now I'm stuck watching it religiously. My best pony is Rainbow Dash, but only by a slight margin in comparison to the others.
I have met and gotten to know a large number of bronies all around England, and I'm hoping that, with the help of this forum, I can meet many more from around the world.
Might as well throw in some introduction from me too.

My (nick)name is Aleks, I'm 30 years old and though born in Norway I live in Sweden. Currently I'm one of the crew for currently-under-construction CrystalCon, as PR representative and writer for our mascot Love Crystals, as well as chairman of the swedish non-profit organisation Svenska Bronies [Swedish Bronies, of course]. That blue pony you see to the left is my OC Skydiver, and yes that is a lifesaver-floatation device-thingamabob on his flank.

I got into the brony fandom shortly after Sonic Rainboom was aired. The intro with Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash was the first thing I saw of the actual show, after having stumbled upon fanart elsewhere and wondering why there was so much fanart of it, and I decided to watch the show at least up to that point to judge for myself how good it was. There were admittedly times at the start whre I winced and hesitated, but I haven't regretted giving the show a fair chance to knock my socks off. Socks were properly knocked and have stayed knocked throughout seasons 2 and 3 too.
Hello ^_^ My name is Maciek (for everpony just Mac) 16 years old.I live in small city in Poland called Olsztyn.
Currently,I'm looking for job to get some money.
I like games,ponies,gore,metal and rock music,

Been brony...hmhmhmh before My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic was cool and everpony was crazy.I started from older generations of MLP. :3 Then started to watch MLP:FiM Happy

Find me on face book by looking for Maciek Moszczyński Happy
I plan to collect money and attend GalaCon 2013. See you soon! Mac.
Hi, I'm Silver Broom, also known as Retrix on some other forums and social media.
I live in Scotland and have attended brony meet-ups in Scotland, England and Germany, but no convention yet.
Been a brony since November 2011, favourite episode is probably "Read It and Weep", favourite Mane-6 is Rainbow Dash.

As well as English I speak near-enough fluent German, reasonably good French, and a little Japanese.
At least two people already on this thread (Hampshire Brony & 404compliant) I have met before in person - nice to see you here!

I will definitely be at GalaCon and most likely also at BUCK this year.
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Hi there,

I'm Saij, currently in the age of 26 (and a half Twilight happy).
I'm working as a webdeveloper in Stuttgart and I'm the chairman of the registered club Bronies e.V. and the former chairman of GalaCon.

Hope to see you all at GalaCon 2013.

Hey guys! :3
My name is Saša(read Sasha). I'm a pegasister from Slovenia tho I prefer the term brony. Rdlaugh
I'm curently 23 years old and love to art. I mostly do ilustartions for fun but have recently found a passion in sculptuing.

My older brother made me watch the show and I've been hoocked on it since.
We both hope to see some of you at GalaCon this year. Brohoof
"Made me watch..."

I'm having visions of your brother pinning you down, sticking matchsticks under your eyelids and going "Watch this!!!"
"Wa-watch what?"
"My Little Pony."
(25.01.2013, 13:33)HampshireBrony Wrote: "Made me watch..."

I'm having visions of your brother pinning you down, sticking matchsticks under your eyelids and going "Watch this!!!"
"Wa-watch what?"
"My Little Pony."

Resistance was futile... Salute
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(25.01.2013, 13:35)Moondrop Star Wrote:
(25.01.2013, 13:33)HampshireBrony Wrote: "Made me watch..."

I'm having visions of your brother pinning you down, sticking matchsticks under your eyelids and going "Watch this!!!"
"Wa-watch what?"
"My Little Pony."

Resistance was futile... Salute

You mean like...
That was funny! Rdlaugh
But, no. I watched MLP willingly. Fluttershy grin
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