Two weeks to go!

We are still working hard in the shadows to get everything done before the convention, and like you, we can not wait for the upcoming amazing weekend in Ludwigsburg. Though, before we ponify the home of good cars and famous cake, it is time for our prelaunch updates:

– Vendor Map online

Do you know where to buy the goods the community has crafted? Or maybe you have a need for plushies? Perhaps your walls look so lonely and white and need pony posters? Or on your adventures, you slashed several bushes for a few bits and rupees, which your pockets can not handle anymore? Don’t look any further, we have released the map with all the vendors you are looking for HERE!

– Venue Map online

It’s dangerous to go alone, so you will need a compass and a map to navigate the dungeon called the Forum. With our handy venue map you will find your way through the panel and workshop rooms to find the right places to play card games on ponies, to sing against royal highnesses or just to refresh your HP bar with tasty snacks. Look at it HERE

– Event Schedule online & Cosplay Contest reminder

The. Clock. is. ticking. – And to prevent you from boredom we have a handy time table ready for you HERE. If you like to show us your costume on the big stage, you should pre-register for our Cosplay Contest HERE.

For those who would love to have the schedule on the go - we have an app for that! ( ANDROID / iOS )

– Ticket Sale is coming to an end

As we approach the final weeks before GalaCon, with less than 5% of our tickets left, we will be closing our ticket sales on Sunday the 27th July. You still have a chance to grab your ticket HERE.

For more information for preparing your convention weekend, please check our homepage: or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Yours truly,

GalaCon Team

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