Vendors and merch 2014
Who (vendors) and what (merch), can we expect to see this year?
I'm sure that they'll release a neat list of vendors on the official Galacon website soon. :)

In the meantime, I can tell you that I'll be there with my plushies Twilight smile
[Image: filly_princess_luna_plush_by_pinkuart-d705zzn.png]
[Image: banner-2.png]
Some vendors I know about are (names incl. link to dA)
Pinku - plushies
Siora - plushies
Lan - plushies
Varonya - plushies
Gray - embroideries
Skunk - t-shirts
Yasi - plushies
Mr.Offspring - plushies from here, minky fabric, cushions
atelok - customs & co
Franzi - plushies
zuckerschnuti - pluhies

yay..let`s post some Lunas @Pinku..xD
[Image: princess_luna_s2_keychain_by_zuckerschnuti-d7j1ppx.png]
[Image: sighalb_zps83349471.png]
I have the theory, that if you gather enough of the best plushie makers together at one spot, the plush universe will collapse into one single gigantic fluff.

*going to be awe3some*
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I will be there with my posters! ^^
I'll bring my cutiemarks and LED pictures. Visit me at table 6.
I'll be at table 33- First Floor. There will also be a Discord. :)

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#8 <- the vendor map for you

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