Photoshoots With Tabitha St. Germain And Day Passes
Hi everypony! Happy

Crystal Fair is offering you a rare treat: The chance to have a photo of yourself taken with Tabitha St. Germain, and have it signed by her as well!

Because there's limited room in the photoshoots, we're selling tickets to them in our Ticket Shop. They cost 20 euros, and there's two photoshoots during the weekend: One on Friday and one on Saturday. The photos will be developed immediately after the photoshoots, and you can receive them on the next day, signed by Tabitha herself.

Because you'll need a ticket to the con itself on both days in addition to the photoshoot tickets, we suggest that you take a look at our new Day Passes. You can enter Crystal Fair for one day with them, and the Saturday Pass included the right to buy a ticket to Operation: PON3, the pony music party held at Nosturi, Helsinki. The party is included in the Weekend Pass, so those who have bought it won't have to buy any other tickets.

Because every day will have a different programme at Crystal Fair, we suggest that you take a look at our Programme list, and find the perfect day for yourself to be there:

Here's a blog Aurora, our mascot wrote about all this. She sure is excited!

Important links:

Tabitha St. Germain:
Crystal Fair Ticket Shop:
Operation: PON3:

See you at the photoshoots! RD wink

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