GalaCon announces Jennifer Weiß, Julia Meynen, and more!
Hello everyone! Today, the Easter Pony has dropped off several amazing surprises, which we would like to share with you.

First of all, we have the great honour to announce the appearance of two fantastic voice actors at this year’s GalaCon: Jennifer Weiß and Julia Meynen. Additionally, we can also look forward to seeing two well-known giants of the brony fandom in Ludwigsburg this summer: EileMonty and LaserPon3.

Jennifer Weiß is known for lending her voice to the German version of our beloved party pony – Jennifer is the German Pinkie Pie. She’s also well known among anime fans for her performance of Ôsaka from “Azumanga Daioh!”. Video gamers will know her from voicing Sylvia Woods in “Inazuma Eleven” as well as several voices she did in the “Professor Layton” franchise.

Julia Meynen, the German voice of Twilight Sparkle, has already visited us back in 2012 at our first GalaCon, “the Grand Galloping Gala for European bronies”, as it was known back then. This summer, after a break last year, she returns to us as Princess Twilight Sparkle. Julia is also quite active in dubbing popular anime characters – only recently voicing Lyfa in “Sword Art Online”. Fans of “Monster High” will also know her as Draculaura.

EileMonty is one of the most popular voices in the international fandom. Besides voicing several fan comics, she’s known for her role of Button’s Mom. But her talent doesn’t end there. As a singer, she knows how to fill entire ballrooms and is quite frequently called for an encore performance or two.

LaserPon3 is a true master of the art of light. Backed by fitting music, he creates intriguing laser shows, letting pony music touch all your senses. Travelling from the beautiful Netherlands, his rainbow colours will brighten up the sky above Ludwigsburg.

So, that’s it for today, but more will follow soon.

Your GalaCon team

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