Volunteer Signups Are Open
Dear loyal subjects,

Christmas AKA Hearth’s Warming Eve is approaching fast! We’re already working behind the curtains to make sure there’s plenty of new GalaCon content by the time the holidays roll around.

Kicking us off are the signups for volunteers – They’re now officially open!

If you want to help us make GalaCon 2013 a great event for everyone involved, look no further, just read on. We have the following three basic categories for the volunteers:
  • Guards - Assisting the guests and making sure everyone is doing alright. Guards keep an eye on everything and step in when absolutely necessary.
  • Reception - The reception is the first stop for our guests when they arrive. Here, everything revolving around the tickets and arrival is handled.
  • Documentation - Covering all aspects of the convention by taking photos, videos or writing texts for blogs and news sites.

We also require general volunteers that lend their hand wherever needed. Interested? To get further information and the exact terms, apply at:


Your application needs to contain the following:
  • Your name (both nick- and real life name)
  • A decent, clear photo so we know who you are
  • Contact information both online and offline (social networks, communities, email, telephone number)
  • Your home address
  • Experience and talents that you want us to know about (e.g. languages you speak, past work as a volunteer, other things you consider noteworthy)
  • Of course, which job you would like to apply for

Furthermore, we highly recommend registering here at www.eurobronies.org to stay updated and get in touch with other volunteers and staff members! Thank you very much in advance. Together, we will make GalaCon 2013 even better than 2012 – We look forward to your application!

Best wishes,
Your GalaCon team
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U gots mail. RD deals with it
Sundance and Stargaze applying for Guard one more time! We´d be glad to help you out.
And another one Twilight happy

Hope I can help you guys!
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you've got mail.
Message sent Twilight happy
I'm applying as general volunteer, but I could take any job that you can give me.
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Will send you an application asap.

sbworks at your service.^^
you got a mail, and this time much earlier than last year Twilight happy
Uuh this is so exciting are you excited I've never been so excited except for the one time I went to Galacon and I went HUUUAH but I mean really, who can top that?
mail send hope i get one back soon Applebloom spin
varoc506 RD deals with it

security team BUCK
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If you guys want me, I'll be there.

Edit: Had to do a little change of my Address. Made a small mistake there tehehee.
Applied, and looking forward to the con.
Haven't heard back from you though, so I hope you got the email?
If not let me know and I'll resend it.
Hey guys, did you get my mail?
It's december people. Unless Maya were right and we all go boom, there's still christmas and so on. Hannukah for instance was on December 8th-16th this year. Peeps are busy. RD wink

I expect replies in january, because even us germans with close(r ) ties to the organizers didn't get an answer yet. I can assure you, since I was a Guard back then already, there's lots of improvements being made. But introducing the new system is tricky for starters.

I like how you all are diligent about it, though. Salute
Signing in.
Don't worry, we get all the mail, safe and sound and all :)
Decisions will be made after the holidays. We're currently working on opening more signups (this time for vendors and events) and polishing the website, so bear with us!
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Since the ticket sale will be open by tomorow I would like to ask if the confirmation e-mail will be send before the sale starts. That's because people obviously won't buy a ticket as volunteer but maybe would like to buy one of the special tickets if they were rejected.

In the worst case the special tickets will be sold out at the time someone gets his e-mail and can't buy the one he would like to.

And this is also a reminder for you guys Twilight happy
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I was about to post the same thing.
The vendors have their replies already, but there are far more volunteers to be sighted.
Preperations are ongoing, right now the Kallistri Stream and beginning of ticket sales (which finance the Con) are top priority.

I can tell that most will be pleased with the results. Keep calm and Brony on. RD wink
We aim to send out the confirmations before the ticket sale starts :) No promises, but we try our best!
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Don't get too worried, I'd say that tickets will be available at least for 2-3 months, or even longer. If special tickets run out quickly they probably will consider offering more, as they're good funding after all.
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that's great news, since I myself have applied as volunteer, but I'll have to buy ticket for my sister, who is also most likely going, but she doesn't have money for it yet. (also, lot of other Croatia bronies are indecisive/don't have money atm), and after "BUCK fiasco", basically we (Croatia bronies), decided, that if BUCK staff doesn't set date in mater of days, all bronies that planed to go to BUCK will go to GalaCon instead (so it kinda depends on BUCK people as well) (bad news for BUCK, since they are basically loosing all Croatia Bronies, good news for GalaCon since all those people will go to GalaCon instead)
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