Is there any bronies in nothern Europe?
Hello, everpony! My name is Cloud M.D. and I just registered here. Your forum is a definitely fantastic place and maybe I'll find lots of new friends here! Sorry for a bit of spelling errors, I'm from Russia and my english may be not so good :3

In next two weeks I consider to do a little touristic trip to a capitals of Finland, Estonia and Latvia - one day - one city. I'd be very pleasure to meet somepony from our community during the trip and try to strengthen international ties of brony not by words in web, but with real friendship. Is there anypony who wants to meet? I'm not that good in english, but will try, I swear u in the name of Luna!
I'd be interested in a meetup in Estonia, maybe some more estonians also. So when you stop by, do tell.
Gah, why didn't I see this sooner? We could've arranged for a big meetup in Helsinki for you!

Anyway, if you're considering coming to Finland again, you might wanna check out the Crystal Fair that's being organized next summer:

We also have our own forum here on You can check it out here:
I do live quite far up in europe, northern norway actually.
Kinda hard getting to meetups as much as things cost these days, but i'd sure be up for one if i had the possibilities.
I will be in sweden the next month. To work. so basicly i will be a pony fan in the north

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