Hello folks!

I just wanted to know if you had a planning available for the BronyDays, or at least an idea of what it'll look like.

I'd really like to go the whole weekend, but being a student makes me very short on money, and I'll probably be able to attend Saturday only. But if you have really awesome activities planned for Sunday, then maybe I'll come on Sunday as well!

Thanks a ton in advance!


the planning has not been released yet and it still may change a bit, so you probably don't want to get any insight right now...
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Okay then, I'll wait a bit longer.

Thanks for the quick answer!
Hello again, sorry for bumping the thread!

I just wanted to know how long will the tickets still be available for sale? Just so I could know how much time I have left to get my damn weekend free of any responsibilities!

Thanks again in advance for the answer, and sorry for being such a pain in the flank.


The tickets should be available for sale until the date of the convention, but you might want to plan things two or three weeks in advance just to be sure.

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I would love to join this event. Can anyone suggest from where can I avail the tickets. And for how many days would this event last.
Hello Aliona,

the tickets are available on this webpage:

The general information is available here:

If english is not your fancy and you prefer information in French, here is the URL:

The event is from Saturday to Sunday, here is the short-info:
Date: October 26-27th, 2013
Saturday: from 10AM to midnight
Sunday: from 10AM to 4:30PM
Location: Paris, France
Venue: Espace EFCB, Montreuil

Have a nice day!
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