Accommodation listing and questions
Hello there!

I'm looking for more information on the accommodation - I've found IBIS Budget hotel very close to the convention however I wouldn't mind to learn some insight on the hotels in very VERY close proximity of the convention (as we will have cosplays).

I'm organizing a group of CZ/SK Bronies but we wouldnt definitely mind to be staying in hotel/next door to any other group of International fellow bronies for casual shenanigan purposes!

So everypony please do share your ideas, locations.. i mean.. as long as you dont mind Fluttershy grin


Secondly - are the Paris people cool with cosplays in the given area? (since cosplaying is probably just the same as regular ball masquerade in the eyes of public)

I'm off to organize and prepare flight tickets bookings Pinkie approved
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To answer your second question, there're many manga/anime conventions in Paris around the year (Paris Manga, Japan Expo, Chibi Japan Expo, Harajuku festival for the biggest ones) and they all bring lots of people in cosplay who take the train/metro. So I don't think that pony cosplays would be a problem for people. xD

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