[2014] Cheap accommodation for the weekend
hey guys! maaaybe i'm a bit late with this, but hey, better late than never, right? Happy

i booked a double-room for one night (saturday to sunday) in a motel some 20 kilometers away from ludwigsburg. sure, it needs some time to get there and breakfast is not included (who needs it if there are bakeries, restaurants and cafes?), but on the other hand it's really cheap and i got a car. the stay and the ride there and back to the venue on sunday would cost only about 15-20€ per person Cheerilee

PN me or toss in a post if you are interested or have any questions RD wink
Still looking for a roomie? I'm also volunteering this year, so I would love to take you up on that offer! If it still stands ofcourse.

If so, we can get in touch through PM's or facebook or whatever, you know, get to know eachother so we won't be strangers sharing a room :p
Unfortunately the thread was for last year's GalaCon (it's from July'13) - so I better close it.

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Whoops! Silly me...

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