How does bronies meetup looks like in your country?

I'm preparing a presentation/study about bronies meetups/joined activities in European countries for Fantasy Festival ( convention and I'm really curious, how all the meetups in other countries differ from those in my country and what they all have in common Smiling

I think this can turn out to really amazing results, not just for my panel/presentation, but also for all brony meetup organizers (myself included) and last but not least all bronies themselves. At least to know, what is going on all around Wink

How bronies from European countries meet and what all they do when they are together? Is it small random groups of close friends or big national meetups with a lot of strangers? Are other bronies creating art of all kinds together too? How often the usually meet? Are those meetups closed or open for every brony who wants to join? Does at least some bronies travel a long distance to meet others on the other side of their country?... all quite interesting questions.

So... I would like to ask you to share a few words about meetups in your country/area - please write to this thread in ideal case or if you don't want to make it public here, just send it to my mailbox jamis.bro[at]gmail[dot]com Smiling if you attach a picture of your group and if you let me, I'll be glad to include it in the presentation. Pinkie approved

Thanks everybrony in advance! Brohoof

As for my country... how does meetups look like in Czech Republic ? Hehe! we have a wide spectrum of common activities. Last year was (from today's view) filled with a few small meetups in various cities all over the country and three big meetups, each with more than 50 people from Czech Republic and Slovak republic (as our countries were one for many decades, we have joined community):

* Big meetup in Prague
* Big meetup in Brno
* Christmas karaoke party in Prague

Besides this big ones, we also have small meetups from time to time - usually we met in our favorite pub, talk together and/or draw MLP related stuff, or watch new episodes together. Eight of us visited Galacon last year and brought back a ton of wonderful memories. Christmas Karaoke party was originally planned for a few people, but turned out to one of the biggest meetups we ever had - with randomly chosen presents made by many bronies for others and few cosplays.

Since beginning of this year (and I'm still not quite sure what caused this), all meetups went... well a little bit crazy Happy suddenly there were more people and many more activities, more meetups... so now, there are 4 regular brony meetups per week in Prague:

* "pub talk" on Tuesday
* "Dance Dance Revolution" free playing on Wednesday
* "tearoom session" on Thursday
* "Vyšehrad meetup" (large garden pub in park and city view) on Friday

More or less regularly, we also have weekend meetups with LaserGame playing (Pilsen one with 30 people was awesome), Garden party, hiking... Besides this, there are also meetups in other cities (Brno, Plzeň...). For the first time this year, we had also own program line on some Czech conventions (like Fantasy Festival mentioned above). As I said... a little bit crazy, but fun.

Main purpose of all those meetups is just fun for all of us, have great time together and meet people from internet forums in real life. As many of them are Fluttershy in nature, It's quite heartwarming to see them talking with others and enjoying all of this too Smiling and yes, since nearly all of us can speak English (a little at least), everypony, even from other countries, are welcome!

Group photo from meetup in Brno
[Image: img00051.jpg]

Group photo from Karaoke Party
[Image: lkzg.jpg]
Member of CZ/SK Bronies

[Image: NwzSFFD.png]
[Image: eurobarczechrep_zpsebab84c0.png]

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For the west germany group:

During cold months we meet indoors, usually restaurants. Spend time just eating, drinking, talking, laying cards and showing round mobile devices with pony content etc.
Pool/Billard and Bowling are other option, but rarer.
Going to see movies at cinemas is rare, but happens.

Groups vary between roughly 15 and 40 people usually.

During warmer months, we visit restaurants still, but usually those with outdoors areas.
All other activities named above also may happen.

A classic for the city of 'Krefeld':
Chalk Art! Every serious meetup (not regular's table) incorporates a large chalk picture drawn during the day, usually followed by meeting in a private home's garden and stay overnight, grilling/BBQ included.

Larger groups of up to 50 or 60 people been going to a theme park (Phantasialand) before. Actually, that happens every few months.

Also, outdoor picnics. The largest so far was my doing (with lots of help, I merely started it) with 70 or so people.
Smaller picnics occur as part of the regular's table in my town as well. 5-15 people normal, might be more at time.

We also had larger parties and events organized, including live band (one of them is a Brony himself, so that was easy).
The 'World's End Meetup' at the end of last year, 'YasiCon' (you may know her as Saku-Say at deviantart) were we simply bloated her brirthday party, the 'No More Fairytales!' party (6 people had their biirthdays in January, so they celebrated together), the 'MetroSpace Wrap Up' at Winter's end (where they tried to get Bronies and their non-Brony friends together ... strangely the non-Bronies all liked the party, but the Bronies were ... too soft for the loud music it seems - and were whiney about people having a 10 minute break, when they were awake 28 hours working nonestop, ahem).

There's also Lunafest coming up in october. Last year's was a success. Held in Hamburg, north germany, it attracts people from allover the country. If not beyond. This year's gonna be 200 or more people.
Also, WWU (Winter Wap Up) happened twice already at spring's begin. Rented a place and organized food (cooking themselves), playing games and staying overnight.

'Celestia BBQ' is coming up in the south, but just starting their organization and preparations.

Usually bigger meetups require a payment - like 10€ by every participant who stays overnight when there is BBQ/grilling. The money is spent for drinks and food (coal and all that stuff), remaining funds are paid back. Lunafest for instance offers categories starting with 20€ (renting the place is expensive). More money renders gifts like embroidered pennants and badges.
Sometimes helping hands (volunteers) get in for free, but this is not safe to say for all events. Lunafest even has vendors (they are not the only ones however).

Another classic is the "pub round". There's a handful of irish pubs in my town and in the suburbs around. We frequent two of these.

There has been a decline in general meetups. People started bickering at each other or do insanely stupid stuff - others get the blame for things they never did, just because they once befriended the ones truly reponsible - others spread rumors denouncing others. The neutral ones (including me) are made responsible to keep them all apart from each other. And thus we receive the blame for being neutral in the first place and, when having to tell someone to stay away, because we do not want them to get attacked (with words that is, however some people threatened carrying knives around), we have another one bickering at us.

Small groups that formed before now are more likely to do somethig on their own - normal friend group activities, not meetups.

It's a kindergarten and people are full of themselves. I pity the new Bronies, for this time last year, it was way easier and way more peaceful.
A shame.
But sadly the truth.

If you need picture material, request it with a note what exactly. Then I provide examples.
Well, that sounded a little harsh at the end, I don't see it that hard. Stargaze's from one of the more populated areas where lots of meetups happen, so some more polarization may be involved. Th regular meets and larger meetups I've attended recently (based from my location in central Germany) were all quite peaceful.

Generally I differentiate between smaller local one-day meets, that usually attract people up to 100-150km max, and larger meets where people can stay overnight, that attract people from whole country. Small would be 5-40 depending how dense fandom is in that area, and 50-100 and more for large ones.

Another quite large recent was Blacky's Bar Meetup attracting ~70 people for two days, with option to bring a mat and sleeping bag for overnight. Food, drinks, location and stuff were mostly included in the fee of 20€. Activities included games, music, karaoke, a small tombola, some fanmerch vendors, and enough time to talk to each other.

The two large spring meetups WWU and MSWU unfortunately collided on the same weekend within less than 100km distance to each other, both combined would probably have set a new record of roughly 160 people. While the MSWU was a little rough (see Stargaze's report above), the WWU went very peaceful despite being 90 people, but probably also due to restricted alcohol rules. I also expect the Lunafest in October to be the first non-con meetup to break the 200 people barrier. Non-binding reservations are currently at 185, 12 days after announcing.

In some areas, regular groups and registered associations were founded for easier organization and financing / legal protection.

For a good impression check the largest German meetup photo gallery at
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Russian brony communuty has grown significantly since spring of 2011. At first there were several "main" meetups in Moscow organized by one guy. There were from 20 (first one) to 80 people (autumn 2011). No alcohol was allowed. Everyone talked with everyone, there were some guitar songs, some games, cupcakes. In January 2012 we made the first RuBronyCon which attracted more than 100 bronies, some of them travelled more than 1000km. There were games, dances and a live concert of the band which later became Przewalski's Ponies. Then everything changed, there were no more "official" Moscow meetups, but several different regular meetups organized by different people, some more calm and peaceful, some with much alcohol and r34 jokes. Meetups in other towns started, and today almost each major Russian town has own regular meetups. We organized two more RuBronyCons in September 2012 (300 people) and March 2013 (550 people) and the latter attracted bronies from most Russian speaking countries and even Far East of Russia (those travelled about 7000 km). Latest RuBronyCon included major games, brony radio interviews, watching animation and 4 hours of live music by several brony-oriented bands.
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There are usually at least two to three kinds of meetups in Finland: normal get-together meetups, bar meetups and the elusive sauna meetups, more on the latter one later.

Your average meetup is usually consisting of meeting at a public place, like a mall-ish type of place, taking a group photo for EqD and then buzzing off to raid a local toy store for ponies. Food and other activities are a regular part of the meetup before people dismiss and head for the "after-party".

The bar meetups are just that: we meet at a bar, order some drinks and have fun. A couple times we've had a bar meetup, the owner of the bar suggested we move into a private lounge, free of charge (probably due to the amount of stuff we already had ordered for the table). These usually last for a few hours, depending on when the meetup started and can go on as long as the last orders for the night.

Now, for the elusive "sauna meetup": these are, in my opinion, the most awesome meetups so far. We usually select a time and date, get together at someone's place who has a sauna, bring our own drinks, watch ponies and go to the sauna. In the summer, we usually heat up the grill either in between the sauna runs or before.
The longest meet of this kind was from somewhere around 3 in the afternoon to 4 in the next morning with a minor headache afterwards (totally worth it!)

Unfortunately, I have no pictures to post but I assure you, we Finns tend to party hard when given the chance.
Diftraku, you forgot to mention the large (national) meetups in Helsinki and the international cruise meetups. For example I'm organizing a cruise to Stockholm, Sweden in September to meet Swedish bronies again ([link], [link]).

Helsinki meetups usually gather more than 100 participants to a reserved venue, for example a youth/community center. There are usually quite a lot of activities during the meetup, for example: auction, vendor tables, quiz, games etc.

[Image: IMG_1209.jpg?m=1350766207]
20.10.2012 meetup photos
08.12.2012 meetup photos
02.03.2013 meetup photos

There has been two international meetups arranged by us going on a cruise. The first one was to Stockholm, with 19 participants (6 of them being Swedish). The second one was to Tallinn with less participants. Only one of the locals came to meet us, but I'll be expecting more next time RD wink

[Image: IMG_1658.jpg?m=1352620798]
more photos from the Stockholm cruise
[Image: eurobarfinland_zps6d15d57f.png]

[Image: signature2.png]

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Since Switzerland is so small, everybody knows everyone, which is in my opinion kinda boring. But on the other side, nothing's actually too far away. We have almost every week a cinema meetup, where usually are 5-10 people and almost every second weekend a larger meetup where we play laser tag or whatever. On these Meetups are about 20~30 participants. Every few months we have a large meetup where all the active swiss bronies are. Every large meetups gathers more and more participants. On the latest large meetup were about 40 people. On these meetups artists have panels and on the evening there is a rave with comunity djs. Here's a pic of the last big meetup:[Image: 64sxt1g.jpg]
These are actually the most of the swiss bronies.

Smaller groups will go to the up coming cons.
Once we had an international meetup, the EUM, where bronies from Austria and Germany came. The second EUM is in planing.

If you go and read on our forum a bit, you'll see we have alot of shitstorm and insulting on our forum. But if we meet on a meetup we hug each other, have fun and forget our differences.
(27.06.2013, 21:53)404compliant Wrote: Well, that sounded a little harsh at the end, I don't see it that hard. Stargaze's from one of the more populated areas where lots of meetups happen, so some more polarization may be involved. Th regular meets and larger meetups I've attended recently (based from my location in central Germany) were all quite peaceful.

The meets themselves always went fine for us here. The kindergarten unfolds online and that's where distance makes no difference, since it's all at The good, the bad, the ugly and the shitload ugly stuff.

I'm not too fond of linking the the galleries directly, since he won't be able to tell apart which gallery shows what and some galleries are full of pics that require lots of context to be understood at all.

Plus, many younger meets never got a gallery feat, since we stopped caring. Pics are shared manually between participants and that's it.

@ Andy:
RuBro ftw, 550 people is a major event worth being alled a Con! Respect and kudos, that's a burner!
I see there's been a shift: peeps wanting perties wit h alc and those wo didn't care. Same for us over here. Rarely problems with alc-ban, but there's enough perty-meets popping up because there will be no ban. Worst we had seen are people being so drunk, they didn't get up anymore and slept through most of the event. Which is a shame, since they missed most of it.

- - -

Some examples for big events, restaurant meets, regular's table and infamous Krefeld (chalk art!) - just klick for the links.

"End of the World Meetup" - 4 Galleries
"No more Fairytales!" Party (6 people celebarate birthday) - 6 Galleries
Regular's Table Düsseldorf (middle of February) - 2 Galleries
Krefeld #2 - 6 Galleries
Krefeld #4 Gallery
WWU2013 Groupshot
Düsseldorf Picknick 2012 Groupshot

- - -

I can also mention there are private meets (House Party / Garden Party), gatherings at public events (Japan Day Düsseldorf, Animagic Con and other japanese popculture conventions and the like). I found a sailing trip meetup gallery, that's something too!
Gat-togethers in rented, borrowed or private rooms for season oepeners or finales too.
Croatia Bronies started off in late 2011 when we had 1st meetup in October 2011.
Today, there are over 100 members of Croatia Bronies.
Biggest problem in the group is that most of members (roughly 70-80%) live, work or study in Zagreb city (which is by far biggest city in Croatia), so meetups are mostly held in Zagreb city. However, now there's one bigger meetup planed in Zadar city in Dalmatia (meetup event: ), and hopefully, we'll have more meetups all around Croatia in future.

We usually have bigger meetups every other month, where we usually have a pick-nick, go bowling, or have some kind of pony trivia contest.
Croatia Bronies 1st birthday/Summer wrap up:
[Image: 377357_281080021994219_1309243374_n.jpg]
1st Bowling meetup:
[Image: 4hz3.jpg]
Croatia Bronies pick-nick at Bundek lake:
[Image: vebx.jpg]

We also have lot of smaller meetups where we usually go to a pub (usually that's Medvedgrad pub in Zagreb City center), or house meetups where we go to someone's house and usually watch cartoons and movies.
House meetups originally started as Horror movie meetups, where bronies that enjoy horror movies would go to someone's house at night, and then watch horror movies, but over the time, those meetups started to be everything goes meetups, so more and more people started to come to those meetups, and nowdays, we watch everything from ponies, horror movies, other cartoons and shows, or whatever people want to watch.
Those smaller meetups are usually every Saturday, and sometimes, they last all the way till Sunday morning.
Here are some pictures from some of house/pub meetups:
after new-year meetup:
[Image: pzjl.jpg]
Galactic Ponies, Croatia Edition (Saequence of Galactic Ponies meetup that I organized in Melbourne, so this was welcome back meetup for me (after I came back to Croatia from Australia)):
[Image: ikph.jpg]

We also have "crazy" themed meetups. Usually, when someone comes up with some interesting idea to do.
Operation Sljeme - climbing on Sljeme mountain (north of Zagreb):
[Image: o59k.jpg]
Bubble Pony Meetup - Bring your own bubble wrap, and we'll have meetup of poping bubble wrap:
Post-a-Pony meetup - we got tones of pony related posters, and posted them all around the city:
[Image: nyp4.jpg]
[Image: cbmb.jpg]

As bronies are usually cheritable group of people, we had 3 Bloody Brony meetups. We would go to Petrova hospital in Zagreb, and we'd all donate blood (who ever wants to and legally can (there's age limit in Croatia for blood donation that you can't be younger than 18 )).
there's only pictures from 2nd Bloody brony meetup:
[Image: 45730_336944633074424_1815530261_n.jpg]
[Image: 455_336944663074421_767172078_n.jpg]

Croatia bronies are always open for new members. Yes, we are all close friends, but we always accept new people to our herd. After all, Friendship is Magic.

note: some pictures in links due to 10 picture limit
[Image: bronyidcardcopy.png]
Laughingflash! Rdlaugh
You actually raided the store and left a printout? Crazy dudes you are! Cheerilee

Apart from that, activities seems to be very alike to ours, which is no surprise.

I also like the scandinavian sauna events. If the peeps here weren't stay-at-home-y slackers, I might get them convinved to do something like that too here!
If summer were to turn up temperatures, we could also think about a pool-meetup.
Jamis! Unfortunately we couldn't attend to your presentation, will there be any materials online?
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So Pinkie and Trixie hang around with you Croatian bronies a lot, huh? Well, here in Hamburg, it's usually Lyra who comes to visit us.

As a brony veteran from 2011, among my first meetup experiences is that they used to explode and then explode again. I was at the first German brony meetup ever down in Düsseldorf in October 2011, one of about a dozen bronies. After I returned, I had the idea to have some special meetups.

One was a meetup for northern German bronies in Hamburg. The first occurred not too long after Düsseldorf. We were five bronies. By early 2012, the monthly meetup had grown so much that it was difficult to reserve our location.

The other one was special in another way. How about meeting somewhere around the spring equinox with Winter Wrap-up as the motto? It was eventually organised in Flankfurt. My idea was to meet with a couple of bronies like we met in Düsseldorf. The actual Winter Wrap-up meetup, however, exploded to a size of IIRC 95 bronies, too many for the over-night location, almost too many for downtown Flankfurt, and so many to require the stairs in front of the Deutsche Bank for the group shots. Its sequel this year was declared a convention rather than a meetup.

At least here in Hamburg, there isn't a no-alcohol rule. Of course, the meetups are not for boozing yourself silly, these times are long gone AFAIK. But the Hamburg meetup might be the only one in central Europe with mead. Mjölna-style. That said, the Lunafest (which is annual) is alcohol-free, also due to its sheer size.
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(20.07.2013, 13:19)Pulse Wave Wrote: That said, the Lunafest (which is annual) is alcohol-free, also due to its sheer size.

Might I correct you? This year's plans include non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks up to beer to be included, and cocktails for a minimal price – and only up to a certain 'fill level' RD wink. Guards will surely have a hard time keeping that under control.

And regarding sheer size, namely this is 220 this year – all booked out one month after announcing, three months before the actual event.
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Riga, Latvia, August 2012
(20.07.2013, 14:30)AnsisMalins Wrote: Riga, Latvia, August 2012

Is Prodius Stray here?
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I don't know any by that name. But I don't know all their handles.
(07.07.2013, 21:20)Andy Feelin Wrote: Jamis! Unfortunately we couldn't attend to your presentation, will there be any materials online?

Hi, big sorry for delay - slides for my presentation is available on GoogleDoc: (PDF, OpenOffice - source). Thanks everypony for contribution - the panel was a success! If anyone wants to use it, feel free to do it, just let me know via e-mail, so I know this has real use to others Wink

It's great to know how meetups goes in other countries Smiling I bet this was not the last time I spoke about this on convention, so if you have something new, just write it - I'll be glad to read it and include your stories in future version of this presentation.
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