24-Hour Charity Livestream Kallisti III
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Dear offseasoners,

You are the ones who are dedicated enough to stick around even when the next season is still months off. That is why we trust that during the 24 hours of the Kallisti III charity livestream, you will have the dedication and also creativity to make your mark with fresh, interesting questions and art requests for our interview guests and artists, respectively.

The 24-hour Kallisti III charity livestream will launch
June 22 at noon EDT on events.yoursiblings.org!

Bronies for Good and GalaCon have collaborated with BronyState, Ponyville Live, andCelestia Radio to bring you some of the crème de la crème of pony, who will take your questions from the chat.

- Amy Keating Rogers (Saturday between noon and 1:30 p.m. EDT), the writer of such episodes as The Best Night Ever or A Friend in Deed

- Andrea Libman (to be announced), the voice of Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy

- Anneli Heed (probably Saturday, around 6 p.m. EDT), the Swedish Spitfire, Photo Finish, Spike, Cheerilee, and more

- Dave Polsky (when we hit a big milestone), the writer of Too Many Pinkie Pies, Keep Calm and Flutter On, and more

- Julie Basecqz (June 22, after 2 p.m. EDT), the French voice of Rarity

- M.A. Larson (June 22, 11 p.m. EDT), the writer who we thank for Magical Mystery Cure, It’s About Time, and more

All the while, the video stream will show the genesis of artworks that you can request in the chat. The generous artists who have agreed to draw live on air are given below.

*James Corck
*John Joseco

Please note that for practical reasons, OC requests are limited to the OCs of interview guests, that all art has to be SFW and spoiler-free, and that you need to furnish a comprehensive, albeit one-line, description of your idea.

Kallisti III being a charity event, 50% of the donations will again support GalaCon, who are planning their own charity events at their August 2013 convention, while the other 50% will benefit Seeds of Kindness 2 and thereby the plans of the German Engineers Without Borders to build 200 direly needed rainwater harvesting tanks in Tanzania.

If you wish to get an idea of the interviews we will be conducting, check out Celestia Radio’s playlist of Kallisti II interviews. Similarly, here is the Bronies for Good gallery of Kallisti II artworks.

We are looking forward to welcoming you on events.yoursiblings.org—meanwhile, please spread the word!

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Since we're in Europe, have some European time infos:

Time zones are Eastern (US) Daylight Time (EDT=UTC-4), Western European Summer Time (WEST=UTC+1), Central European Summer Time (CEST=UTC+2) and Eastern European Summer Time (EEST=UTC+3).

12:00 EDT = 17:00 WEST 18:00 CEST 19:00 EEST

Amy Keating Rogers:
12:00 EDT = 17:00 WEST 18:00 CEST 19:00 EEST (1.5 hours)

Julie Basecqz:
14:00 EDT = 19:00 WEST 20:00 CEST 21:00 EEST (or later)

Anneli Heed:
18:00 EDT = 23:00 WEST 00:00 CEST 01:00 EEST (around that time)

M.A. Larson:
23:00 EDT = 04:00 WEST 05:00 CEST 06:00 EEST

Andrea Libman:

Dave Polsky:
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Damn I will be at a Casting for the whole time >.<
That makes me kinda sad

Am I able to send in one or two requests? Are the requests strictly for the "Animal Form" or will there be some Humanized ones, too?
[Image: FLRj0.png]
(20.06.2013, 22:27)Vanillagod Wrote: Damn I will be at a Casting for the whole time >.<
That makes me kinda sad

Am I able to send in one or two requests? Are the requests strictly for the "Animal Form" or will there be some Humanized ones, too?

The requests need to be pony themed. If you want them to be drawn human (we actually have 2 artists who only draw humanized ponies) or in another style you can specify that.
But actually we wanted to restrict requests to the ones watching our livestream. (Where we can keep telling them to donate. :P)

The link to the stream page is in the first post, but in case it won't work for you (for example because you try to watch it on a smartphone) you still could join the chat.
It's located on the ponychat.net irc server and the channel is called #kallisti.

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