Getting to the Convention from the airport
Hi all again!

I am looking at my travel options for BronyDays and most public transport services get to the Paris airport. I am wondering how I get to the venue from there.

Any advice is very much welcome!

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The Metro, most likely.

There's stations all over the city. In case of doubt (I saw you're interested in vending, so you might have a lot of luggage) there's always taxis. Expensive, yes, but safer when it comes to transport of delicate items.

Metro Line M9 stopps at "Robespierre", rather close to the convention.

I haven't checked this myself now, perhaps a train line goes into the city and from there you can switch to Metro. I'd arrive via train, so I end up almost in the center anyway.

I am unfamiliar with the Metro system in Paris, as far as I can tell from google maps, there's a number of lines that go rather straight into certain directions, meeting in a few places. This should be where people can switch and then go another direction.

In any case I'd like to see an overview or tutorial on the Metro. Tickets for instance, how far they take you, wether or not you can board multiple lines and such.

As an example on our subways, trams and busses in Düsseldorf (germany):
Seeing how frequent Simontheb is caring for any questions and keeping updating, I bet they'd even look up a possible route in town for us to get to the venue. After all, I'd not be the only one arriving via train, so this isn't a one-man deal. Plus, there's more people coming via plane, so you are not alone either.
Here you can find a plan for Metro and train (RER) :

And here you can find any informations about tickets :
In Ile de de France we have a zone system, (zone1 to 5, Paris is zone1) and the price is different wherever you go in the Ile de France. If you stay in Paris you can buy a metro ticket that can bring you only in Paris, if you need to go outside Paris (for example Roissy Charles de Gaulles Airport in zone5) you will need a more expensive ticket. I, for myself, live in a city in zone5 when I go to Paris I pay about 7€ for one ride to my destination.
Tickets are usually for one ride.

If you are less than 26 years old, you can buy a special ticket for young people ("ticket jeune") that costs about 4€ for zone1 to 3 and 8€ for zone1 to 5. You can go everywhere in Ile de France only with this ticket during the whole day. That could be very interesting if you need to do several rides in the region or if you live far from Paris (in zone5 for exemple).
Metro in Paris isn't any more complicated than most other subway systems, so that's something I don't worry about. Th venue is well connected, shouldn't be too difficult to get there.

One noteworthy point: The metro station Robespierre is zone 2, while Porte de Montreuil, where most of the hotels are, is still zone 1. But as far as I can tell, zones 1+2 are the minimum anyway.
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Thanks a bunch Adlynh, that solves all my questions!

That's a proper system to me.

Robespierre is, of course, the first in zone 2. Well, I can make it from Porte de Montreuil actually, it's even closer to my intended hotel (win-win). Lucky me.

Gare du Nord: Line 5 to Oberkampf (...), because I expect less people there (the one before has more crossing lines), then jump onto line 9 and all is set.

Thanks a lot!
Uh, should have answered sooner. Anyway, like 404compliant said, the metro in Paris is quite simple to use. There are big letters everywhere and a color code so you always know where to go.

For the RER (train), though, there is a trick: the train doesn't stop at every station on the line. There are little lights, on the boards, under every station at which it does stop.

But yeah, we will most likely give routes to the venue from the airports and train stations in our website, so don't worry about that.
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A few useful tips:

Airports are located quite far away from the city itself, and you need a specific subway ticket to get there. Cost is approximately 10€.

The closest subway exit to the convention is "Porte de Montreuil", reachable either via Métro n°9 (M9) or Tramway n°3bis (T3b). Alternatively, you can try "Robespierre" (M9), which won't require you to cross a roundabout.

This is what you'll want to do, from the airport (either CDG or ORL) straight to the convention center:
  1. RER B from the airport to Châtelet-les-Halles.
  2. then RER A to Nation
  3. then M9 to Porte de Montreuil
  4. finally, a quick walk to the place ( directions)

(ugly outline)

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