So you wanna go to Finlandia Hall...
Greetings from Finlandia Hall!

Last month the con committee took a tour around the venue of the con and we've been itching to tell you all about it! Head here to read it and see some pictures too:
Oh, and the building was designed by Alvar Aalto! I love his style.
Russian brony musician: My YouTube Channel

[Image: eurobarrussia.png]

Looks great! I'm so excited to see the convention, Helsinki and Finland in general! And it's really nice to see that you didn't try to get it done "quick and dirty" this year, but gave yourself enough time to have everything planned and prepared properly.

See you in 2014! Happy
Try to say "bubbles" in a really angry intonation.
Thanks, Andy and Derpwave! Stay tuned, everypony. We're gonna have something awesome for you in a week or so!
A question I just saw in the Galacon section which is kinda interesting: What about the food?

Are you allowed to bring your own food/drinks to the venue? On the website I could only find something about no alcohol allowed, but well... that's just common sense. Happy
Hi, El Generico!

Food and drinks can be brought to the venue, but they are not allowed inside the halls where the programme will be happening.

There will be signs at the doors to every hall to inform the attendees of it.
** UPDATE **

The rules regarding food and drink in the event halls have been updated. You may now bring drinks into the halls and enjoy them there, provided that they're inside a container with a cap or lid on it.

So, regular bottles are okay. Fluttershy grin

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