Which Communites are visiting GalaCon?
Any scandinavian bronies coming to Galacon besides myself..? ^_^
(20.05.2013, 13:28)AnotherPony Wrote: @Velonici:
You're coming from the States? Woah! That's a long way! May I know why exactly you've chosen to visit the Gala and not one of the many other conventions around your area? Especially for your first Con that's (at least for me) a peculiar choice... ^u^

I actually live between the US and Germany. Depending on where my job needs me. I just so happen to be here when the Con is going on so I figured why not check it out. I'm hoping that at some point there will be a Con in AZ (where I live state side) at the same time when my daughter (She lives in Chicago with her mother) and I are there.
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U. S. brony living in Germany.
I am visiting from Western Canada. I am not sure how many of my country mates will be joining me. I am the only one going from the local cities as far as I know.
(13.12.2012, 15:09)nerdinand Wrote:
(13.12.2012, 00:04)Cleo Bell Wrote: Anyone knows if the Swiss Bronies from last year are coming, too? They were really fun guys ;)

Anyways, I'm really looking forward to see you all again Happy (I recognize some of your logos <3)

Eeyup Eeyup there is definitely going to be a Swiss delegation again, although some of us will be going to Bronycon instead. But myself and at least about 5 others are definitely coming!

Little update: I think 22 are going to Germany and 4 to America
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Well, i think that i´m the reporter and only representative sent from the Spanish Bronies...Others from Spain?

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Belarus/Russia brony here. I guess I'm travelling alone.
(18.12.2012, 16:29)WaveHack Wrote: [Image: 83VPV.png]

Dutch Bronies/BroniesNL representing!

Hopefully we'll be around 20+ people this time. Either way, Galacon is gonna be awesome! /)^3^(\

Here's our old unofficial logo, for those who recognized us at BUCK:

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CZ/SK Bronies including staff of Czequestria will be attending in large numbers once again.
Will be in Nestor Hotel as well as in Youth Hostel Stuttgart.

Be on lookout for our BronyBus (tm!) - that's right.. the party bus is back!

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Croatia Bronies will attend once again.
Again, we'll be in Gästehaus Siebenschläfer like last year, just that this year we'll be taking a plane instead of going by train.
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Since I cannot attend this year because of a huge annoying group of guests which want to dine at my working place, I will try to give the "Bronies Austria" flags to someone else from our group. After all, there will be a few Bronies from Austria at GalaCon again this year.
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Hi everypony, it's my very first post in this forum Fluttershy grin

Galacon'14 will be my very first pony convention.
I'm coming with a friend for the west coast of europe, wich means:

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See you guys 2 weeks RD wink
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