GalaCon est généreux
Have you ever wondered what Rarity would sound like… in French? You’re in luck! At GalaCon 2013, you’ll be able to see Julie Basecqz, the voice of Rarity from My Little Pony Les amies c’est Magique! Apart from her very chic and magnifique role in the French dub of our favorite cartoon, she’s also done voice work for a whole bunch of other shows, including Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Adventure Time.

We’re all looking forward to meeting her!

[Image: Julie-Basecqz.jpg]
Oh yeah, we are totally looking forward to her! X3 Her voice is amazing! *_* and totally awesome for Rarity <3 This year we really have a good selection of guests so far! Happy
During Galacon 2012 I said to some people, it would be awesome to get to a point where you can offer a full Mane6 crew - with every voice actor from another country.

Spanish Twilight
Italian Fluttershy
French Rarity
German Applejack
etc. etc.

Well, this is a start, is it not?
Now I have to work hard to pronounce that name correctly ...

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