GalaCon is moving to Ludwigsburg
I know it is still far far away but have to ask - will any "event-linked" accommodation be offered or do we have to handle this on our own? (if we should be looking for a place already, ahead of time ^^)

Luna 2017: Festival Fantazie, Galacon, CZEQUESTRIA 
[Image: eurobarczechrep_zpsebab84c0.png]
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Czequestria's dragon keeper
Ooh, that looks totally astonishing Happy
If it's not too much of huzzle to find a parking spot we'll be attending by car again. If not... by TARDIS!
I am going to miss the previous convention hall, it was so neat!
[Image: hwconbanner700x200.png]
the new location is simply astonishing - although I liked the old one, too XD That was very comfortable... but, of course, Ludwigsburg looks way more appropriate to host such an astonishing event X3

Either way, I'll be there, since I'm very lucke to live there anyways ;P

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