[2015] What are you looking forward too/ What are you planing on doing?
(22.02.2015, 21:34)4compliant Wrote: Appa will surely be welcome too, don't worry. The pony fandom doesn't exist on its own, most of us love other cartoons too, so prepare for some interest in Appa too. Also, there must be Appa/Pony crossovers out there, or not?

On what to expect, take a look at video footage and pictures from GalaCon 2014, we're back in the same venue again. One of the biggest photo collections is at meetup.bestpony.de.

As for Ludwigsburg, its a small town that will be flooded with bronies the whole weekend. Lots of small groups will form everywhere. One of the biggest non-official events is always the meet at the Irish Pub on Friday.

It's just a pity that a lot of bronies do not notice another wonderful cartoon done by the very same "dhx" studio... which is called "Littlest Pet Shop". It contains amazing musical numbers done by Daniel Ingram and Steffan Andrew, and a lot of it's VA crew consists of the very same voice actors:

- Peter New (voice of Big Macintosh and "the Doctor" in MLP) voices Sunil Nevla and numerous secondary characters, each of them has an entirely different voice,
- Tabitha St Germain (voice of Rarity, Luna and Granny Smith in MLP) voices Pepper Clark and, too, numerous secondary characters;
- Cathy Weseluck (voice of Spike in MLP) voices the energetic bunny character Buttercream Sunday,
- Kelly Metzger (voice of Spitfire in MLP) voices the most unique and sweet character Sugar Sprinkles,
- Nicole Oliver (voice of Princess Celestia in MLP) voices Zoe Trent,
- Sam Vincent (voice of Flim of "Flim-Flam Brothers" in MLP) voices Russell Furguson,
- Kathleen Barr (voice of Trixie and Queen Chrysalis in MLP) voices the extroordinare old lady Mrs. Twombly, as well as some other characters.

Animation style is just as alluring as it is in MLP and the show is really interesting to watch... So, I have no idea why bronies are not fond of Littlest Pet Shop. That is just a sad fact...

P.S. Please, excuse my off-topic.

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