[2015] What are you looking forward too/ What are you planing on doing?
(28.03.2015, 23:11)404compliant Wrote:
(28.03.2015, 17:33)AppaGuy Wrote: The most recent additions to the guest make me very excited. Is anyone hoping for anyone else to be added to the guest list?

I don't have to hope, i *know* that there will be additions to the guest list. RD deals with it

Well arn't you lucky demon bunny -__- So there just waiting to surprise us as time gets close?! TEASE!

(28.03.2015, 21:39)Crash Override Wrote: The "Camping-place" (or formerly "Camp-side-Meetup" ) wasn't something wo worked with the Galacon; i'm one of those "Organisators" - and i do it 'cause it's cheaper than an Hotel. most of the times, when you don't have check a Place in an Hotel, you wouldn't find any - while the most Hotels in this Time are full. Then, the camping-place were an "alternative". Any from us came with an Caravan last year; and the number of the Persons who come, increases a little bit in the next Year. So were it from 2013 to 2014 - and i think, it were going the same way.

I'm not sure, if that was 2013 or 2014 - but i'm sure, we 'll make it better from year to year.

If you want more information, feel free to ask! RD wink

So...wait...Wait...Y'all just said "Hotel? Screw that! I got me a tent!" And that's not against the law? I know in the states at anime cons that if you tried that the police would be called for trespassing.

Don't get me wrong, I think its awesome. Its just that I got a hotel(I think....Y'alls Hotel reservations there is weird...) But It would be a bit too troublesome to being a tent and sleeping bag on a plane from Italy >_<

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