GalaCon 2016 Anticipation Thread
(10.07.2016, 09:40)Fun1k Wrote: This will be my first Gala
I'm happy you will be able to make it this year. Will you come alone?

(10.07.2016, 09:40)Fun1k Wrote: I hope it won't be too stressful for me (just thinking about all the fun makes my heart beat faster).
Well, this sort of stress should be the sort that will be remembered positively.

(10.07.2016, 09:40)Fun1k Wrote: I hope I will get around to singing with others, because I love MLK.
The room will be open pretty much during the whole con. So I'm sure you will find a chance to do that.

(10.07.2016, 09:40)Fun1k Wrote: I also considered a costume or something approximating one, but I doubt I will think of anything to make or how, so I'll probably be just wearing normal pony clothes.
That would at least be easy and quick :P

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