Conewbie searching for answers.
Ok, this will be the first con ever i attend.
Naturally, there will be a few questions.

Ok, first is the climate in Ludwigsburg around the time of the con?
May wear my gothic coat (with metal details), a little weighty so to speak, and may cause unwanted sweating.

Is there some things that "cools" you down?
like a spray or deo or something that really prevents sweating?
(in case of overly warming clothing)

What are the other attractions around/near Ludwigsburg?

......well, i think that's the few q's i have for now, or the ones currently, may be more in the future.
Summer in Gemany is always a mixed bag, but the past two years Galacon has had the luck to fall on some of the hottest days of the year. The venue is air conditioned, but it's working against over a thousand bodies, some in very elaborate clothing, so don't expect much out of it. Wear heavy clothes at your own peril, plan to buy plenty of water to drink, and bring a pocket fan if you need to to stay cool. There is a fountain outside that you can stick your feet into if you need to cool down, but that's about it. (As for sprays or deo, just use whatever it is you usually use to prevent sweating. Surely you know what works for you best)

Ludwigsburg has a truly fantastic palace and garden that is well worth a vist. Other than that, the venue is about 20 minutes by train to Stuttgart, which has its share of museums, palaces, shopping centers on nightlife. If there is anything in particular you are interested, let me know, and I'll try to point you in the right direction.
As stated by Violet Blaze, airconditioning is present, but the location was never intended for as many people as we are expecting. So it still gets hot inside. It's better than two years ago, since we have more space.

Be sure not to take a shower in the fountain, that'd be worth a fine.
As for sprays, yes there's plenty of different deodorants and the like. Just to be on the safe side, use them outdoors or in the restrooms. Other guests might feel disturbed.
It's okay to refresh yourself in the restrooms. You could bring a small towel and small pack of (liquit) soap etc.
You might like to bring another shirt with you, in case it really gets hot it's heavenly to slip into a fresh piece of cloth.

As much as I love to see people wear whatever they like (unless it violates laws or rules), I advise against a coat.
You can always check the weather forecast and see if it's going to be another sunny GalaCon. The closer we get to the date, the more accurate the forecast will be. The warmer it is, the more you'll regret bringing a coat. Remember it's a heavy piece as well and you're on your feet most of the day.

The most important thing to remember is: SLEEP (the night before and sleep enough), DRINK and EAT. Water above everything else (juice is rather thick at times, sweet drinks manipulate your blood sugar level and create more hunger, energy drinks are the worst anyway, stay away from this stuff, coffee and caffeine in general don't do you good either). We have a caterer and a restaurant, so you can eat comfortably as well! The prices are pretty good (last year they were) and it's healthier than fast food (which is 10-15 minutes walk away).

Remember to check the convention rules, because eating and drinnking is not allowed inside, except for the restaurant. Smoking, including e-cigarettes, is only allowed outside.
Some rules are about clothing, so you might find that helpful as well.
The lighter you are, the better for you.

To my knowledge, this year's convention rules are yet to be released. Keep an eye on the official page
They will be in the con guide as well, if you can't find them before arriving, do read the guide carefully please.

Another tip.
Think hard if you want to buy stuff from vendors, and if yes, how to transport it. For instance, posters go well in a poster roll. Probably available at your local post office. Some vendors can give out transportation goodies, but don't rely on that too much.

And if you have the time, why not google "convention survivial guide"? ; )

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