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    Thread: [2017] Galacon Appreciation Thread
Post: [2017] Galacon Appreciation Thread

Hey ponies, I wanted to start this thread to officially thank every volunteer and staff member who helped this year (and any year prior) as well as tell a little personal tale about growth. So people...
FoxTheCat GalaCon Talk 5 10,914 04.08.2017, 13:45
    Thread: friday before galacon
Post: RE: friday before galacon

Well whoever decides to head to the pub, see you there!
FoxTheCat GalaCon Talk 33 93,890 06.07.2016, 18:54
    Thread: GalaCon 2016 Anticipation Thread
Post: RE: GalaCon 2016 Anticipation Thread

This year I am in quite a hassle. I barely got money to spend on the Gala'16. I do have enough to get there, pay for my room and eat and all, but that's where my money ends. But in all honesty, that's...
FoxTheCat GalaCon Talk 21 55,842 05.07.2016, 15:47
    Thread: [2016] We are in need of a shower.
Post: RE: [2016] We are in need of a shower.

I might possibly perhaps maybe would be able to work something out. Don't want to promise too much. The biggest problem is the timing of it all. How early would you like to shower? ---Update--- If y...
FoxTheCat Questions & Answers 15 41,770 05.07.2016, 15:40
    Thread: [2016] Ride from Helmstedt over Halle to Ludwigsburg
Post: [2016] Ride from Helmstedt over Halle to Ludwigsbu...

Hey there folks! I can offer you a ride. Good prices, too. No scam. But seriously; on Friday the 29th I'll start driving in the morning from Helmstedt (near Brunswick) to Halle (Saale) and from there...
FoxTheCat Ride/Room Sharing 0 5,082 05.07.2016, 15:23
    Thread: IRC Channel!
Post: RE: IRC Channel!

Bump. Can someone please update the Topic? Last one is from October, all the listed conventions are over!
FoxTheCat Feedback & Support 18 48,924 27.01.2016, 22:31
    Thread: Germans Unite!
Post: Germans Unite!

I was just wondering if there are any people close to Braunschweig, Wolfsburg, Magdeburg or generally that (in a 200 km radius) who would look into the possibility of hiring a bus to get us to the Buc...
FoxTheCat Ride/Room Sharing 0 4,971 24.08.2015, 14:44
    Thread: Introduce yourself
Post: RE: Introduce yourself

So, hey, a few of the volunteers of this years Galacon will already recognize this name, as I did an elaborate and emotional post in the Galacon forum. But let's talk me: My name is Darian, I am Germ...
FoxTheCat Cultural Exchange 111 364,463 04.08.2015, 15:18
    Thread: After The Gala: How it helped me
Post: RE: After The Gala: How it helped me

(04.08.2015, 12:21)Violet Blaze Wrote: If you make it to next Galacon, look me up. I have a brohoof and/or hug waiting for you! I will definately try to take you up on that offer!
FoxTheCat GalaCon Talk 15 40,301 04.08.2015, 13:47
    Thread: After The Gala: How it helped me
Post: RE: After The Gala: How it helped me

(03.08.2015, 15:03)Railway Dash Wrote: So I guess GalaCon (and other brony events) really can make an emotional change for the better for some people at all - and you definetly are not alone! :salut...
FoxTheCat GalaCon Talk 15 40,301 03.08.2015, 15:23
  Rainbow Thread: After The Gala: How it helped me
Post: After The Gala: How it helped me

This post will cover something I don't usually talk about: My Depression. For the first time I do this openly, and through a nickname that would lead you back to my real identity in no time. So this i...
FoxTheCat GalaCon Talk 15 40,301 03.08.2015, 14:22