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    Thread: Last-Minute Info On Cosplay And Vendors
Post: Last-Minute Info On Cosplay And Vendors

Hi everypony! We've updated our Cosplay and Vendor pages. They now include the full details of Saturday's Cosplay Competition, and a list of all the vendors that have tables at Crystal Fair. You can...
Yondalor Announcements 0 8,359 01.07.2014, 14:48
    Thread: Mobile Conbook
Post: Mobile Conbook

Hi there! We've published the Crystal Fair 2014 Mobile Conbook! You can find out more information about this useful piece of technology here:
Yondalor Announcements 0 6,848 30.06.2014, 13:09
    Thread: So you wanna go to Finlandia Hall...
Post: RE: So you wanna go to Finlandia Hall...

** UPDATE ** The rules regarding food and drink in the event halls have been updated. You may now bring drinks into the halls and enjoy them there, provided that they're inside a container with a cap...
Yondalor Announcements 6 23,083 30.06.2014, 01:21
    Thread: Only A Week To Go!
Post: RE: Only A Week To Go!

(29.06.2014, 22:15)Stargaze Wrote: Ohh good, you opened a "panic!" thread, so I don't have to. xD We'll definately take advantage of the pre-register. Wife Throwing Contest interests me ever since ...
Yondalor Announcements 4 18,942 30.06.2014, 01:15
    Thread: Crystal Fair Blog
Post: RE: Crystal Fair Blog

We've posted an article about Finland written by a foreigner living there. Check our blog out to see what Finland looks like when seen by somepony who's recently moved there: http://www.crystalfair.f...
Yondalor Announcements 5 17,921 30.06.2014, 01:05
    Thread: So you wanna go to Finlandia Hall...
Post: RE: So you wanna go to Finlandia Hall...

Hi, El Generico! Food and drinks can be brought to the venue, but they are not allowed inside the halls where the programme will be happening. There will be signs at the doors to every hall to info...
Yondalor Announcements 6 23,083 27.06.2014, 19:11
    Thread: Only A Week To Go!
Post: Only A Week To Go!

Hi everypony! It's only a week until Crystal Fair! Nervouscited! :happy: We've posted some announcements about Pre-Registration, Workshops, the Charity Auction and such on our blog. Go check it out ...
Yondalor Announcements 4 18,942 27.06.2014, 19:00
    Thread: Payment by Bank Transfer Ending
Post: Payment by Bank Transfer Ending

Hey everypony! We'd like to announce that the option to pay for your tickets by bank transfer will be ending at 18:00 EEST on the 21st of June. After that you can still purchase tickets through Holvi...
Yondalor Announcements 0 5,687 18.06.2014, 15:35
    Thread: Programme Schedule Published
Post: Programme Schedule Published

Hey everypony! Up until this point you've been able to see what events, workshops and competitions we're going to be having each day, but no more! We've taken it to the next level by publishing our i...
Yondalor Announcements 1 7,862 10.06.2014, 22:54
    Thread: Crystal Fair Theme Song
Post: Crystal Fair Theme Song

Hey everypony! Every con needs something thematic, and Crystal Fair is no exception! Therefore we decided to ask the magnificent TeiThePony to compose a theme song for us. You can listen to it (with ...
Yondalor Announcements 3 12,942 09.06.2014, 18:09
    Thread: Ponify Finland!
Post: RE: Ponify Finland!

The final part of Ponify Finland has ended, and you can see the winners, with comments by our judges on our blog: Congratulations to all the win...
Yondalor Announcements 4 17,272 19.05.2014, 17:55
    Thread: Crystal Fair Blog
Post: RE: Crystal Fair Blog

One of the wonderful people who bought our Gold Sponsor tickets has offered to write a guest blog for us. Check out what he had to say! :happy:
Yondalor Announcements 5 17,921 15.05.2014, 18:39
    Thread: Sponsor T-Shirts - Get Yours While You Can!
Post: Sponsor T-Shirts - Get Yours While You Can!

Hey everypony! Since the beginning of the Crystal Fair ticket sales, an exclusive t-shirt has been a part of our Sponsor Tickets. Now is the time to reveal it! [Image:
Yondalor Announcements 0 5,656 13.05.2014, 19:15
    Thread: Photoshoots With Tabitha St. Germain And Day Passes
Post: Photoshoots With Tabitha St. Germain And Day Passe...

Hi everypony! :happy: Crystal Fair is offering you a rare treat: The chance to have a photo of yourself taken with Tabitha St. Germain, and have it signed by her as well! Because there's limited roo...
Yondalor Announcements 0 6,399 05.05.2014, 19:29
    Thread: Official Crystal Fair Merchandise And Vendor / Artist Alley Tables
Post: Official Crystal Fair Merchandise And Vendor / Art...

Hey everypony! It's time to peek into the vendor area / artist alley and see what's going to be for sale at Crystal Fair. There's going to be lots of amazing official Crystal Fair Merchandise, includ...
Yondalor Announcements 0 12,810 28.04.2014, 21:52
    Thread: Vendor Applications Re-Opened!
Post: Vendor Applications Re-Opened!

Hey everypony! We've decided to extend the vendor applications for Crystal Fair to the 7th of May, so if there's still anypony who'd like to reserve a table, now is your chance! :happy: We'd also li...
Yondalor Announcements 0 6,572 18.04.2014, 20:18
    Thread: Programme Announced!
Post: Programme Announced!

Hey everypony! :happy: You know what gets us excited? Why, it's the Programme for Crystal Fair! The first events, panels and lectures have been an...
Yondalor Announcements 0 7,224 10.04.2014, 19:56
    Thread: Helsinki Travel Guide
Post: RE: Helsinki Travel Guide

(03.04.2014, 20:35)Nachtana Wrote: Maybe a bit a silly question but how many digits has the pin code of a finnish EC card? Most countries have six, but norway for example has only four and their cas...
Yondalor Announcements 26 90,788 09.04.2014, 22:27
    Thread: Hotels and Discount Codes
Post: RE: Hotels and Discount Codes

Hey there! Just a reminder that the discount code for the Omena Hotels is only active until the end of the month. You still have two more days to reserve your cheap hotel rooms!:happy:
Yondalor Announcements 21 74,162 29.03.2014, 18:46
    Thread: Third Guest of Honour: Daniel Ingram
Post: Third Guest of Honour: Daniel Ingram

Hey there, everypony! Crystal Fair has just announced its third Guest of Honour: Daniel Ingram, the amazingly talented composer for My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic! You can read all about the an...
Yondalor Announcements 0 6,598 11.03.2014, 17:03